Hi everyone!

I’m Sabrina, 21 years old and born and raised in North Rhine-Westfalia (Germany).
I remember that I wanted to have my own blogfor a very, very long time. So here it is – Welcome to Palmtrees and Sunshine.
This blog is everything about travel, summer and lifestyle, including books, tips, food, inspiration and more.
I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Why “Palmtrees and Sunshine”?

I’ve racked my brain for such a long time to find that “perfect” name.
One day – out of nowhere – I came up with Palmtrees and Sunshine and I think it couldn’t be more suitable for me.
I’ve always been a summer girl and it’s by far my favorite season.
Warm weather, eating ice cream, going to the beach…
But especially the combination of palm trees and sunshine makes me even a happier person as I already am.
Also, I like the interaction of the colors green, blue (sky) and yellow (sun).
In my room you can find a lot of palm tree-ish deco accessories like office folders with palm tree prints, framed pictures of palm trees or a huge door sticker.
I even got a real palm tree and a few smaller ones on my windowsill and desk.
I think you can guess what my favorite emoji is…