How to save money and travel the world


You think traveling is expensive and you can’t afford it? If so, then you’re definitely wrong. It’s a misconception that traveling is super expensive and unachievable. Just like in other parts of life, it’s what you make out of it and what your standards are. Of course one week can cost about 1.000€ or a […]

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Must-haves for a long-distance flight

travel essentials

Earlier this year I wrote down my travel plans for 2017 without really thinking actively about it. I just wrote down what came to my mind no matter how many destinations or how far away they were. And if you believe it or not, most of them came true. There were so many coincidences that […]

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6 tips for Rome on a low budget

First of all, Rome is not more expensive than other big city. However, we often associate traveling with spending a lot of money. But there are some tips how reduce your expenses and having a great time. In this article I want to show you what I learned during my 1 1/2 day trip to […]

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10 tips to survive a long-distance flight

10 hours and 55 minutes. This was our flight duration from the Amsterdam airport Schiphol to Los Angeles. My first long distance flight ever. Almost 11 hours “confined” in a small space with no escape. I’m not afraid of flying, however

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