About the magic and mysteries of Barcelona – a curious travel diary


Believe me, even though you might think you’re a good traveler, there can be situations that show you that you’re not. No matter how good your sense of direction is or how good you unterstand subway maps, there can occur situations that seem like a mystery that you can’t explain. In 2017 my and a […]

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One weekend in Barcelona – a travel diary


Barcelona is a city that makes it easy to fall in love with. No matter if you’re staying two weeks or only two days, I guarantee that you will leave this city with a smile on your face and definitely want to come back. Even though I made this trip more than one year ago, […]

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California Travel Diary Pt. 3 – LA Downtown and first explorations

I opened my eyes and I was sure that it wasn’t a dream. I was indeed in Los Angeles. The first night went well and we woke up about 8 am without having a jet lag. Although the choice of breakfast was a bit meager – there was only cereal and waffles – I was […]

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