Best cafés in Barcelona: my top 5 coffee shops


Maybe you plan your next city trip to Barcelona or you just moved there and want to discover the best cafés in the area. This blog post might help you.  I’m showing you my top 5 cafés in Barcelona When I define a café as a ‘good café’ it has to meet several requirements. Not […]

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Using my Lotuscrafts Yoga Travel Mat in Barcelona

My first yoga travel mat (Anzeige/PR Sample) As a travel person and yoga lover I was missing one thing: a yoga travel mat. Can you believe I practiced on a towel in hotel rooms or even took my thick yoga mat from home with me? Now that I’m having a yoga travel mat, I will […]

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How astrology affects the current situation (Jupiter Saturn Pluto Mars Conjunction)

In 2015 astrologers predicted that 2020 will be a special year and that we will distinguish between a life before and after 2020.  2020 has several significant planet constellations or „cosmic events” started January 12. Jupiter Saturn Pluto Mars Conjunction In this year the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto-Mars conjunction plays in important role. Four planets that are approaching […]

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Pisces Season – what to expect in the upcoming weeks

pisces season

Welcome to Pisces season! Since February 20th we entered the Pisces season which is all about trusting and going with the flow. In this blog post you learn more about the astrological meaning of the water sign Pisces and how it affects your daily life. I give you advice according to your own element and […]

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5 tips how to get things done (without distraction or procrastination)

desk interior inspiration

In this blog post you will find five tips how to get things done – without distraction or procrastination. Often, we’re sitting at our desk and want to finish a task. But we get distracted and what we could easily do in one hour becomes three hours or more. When you can identify with this […]

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My goals and resolutions for 2020 – what will change

Better late than never, I’m wishing you a beautiful year 2020. It’s not only a another year that started, but also a new decade. Actually I think that these are only numbers and every year, month and even day is equally important but I can feel that 2020 is a special year. January is already […]

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19 moments of 2019

19 moments of 2019_malibu ocean

In this blog post I want to show you a little recap of the year 2019. It’s hard to choose only 19 moments but here we go. #1  Visiting the SuperCandy Museum with my friend Sabrina Me and my friend Sabrina visited this museum in February which seems so far away now. I really think […]

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22 lessons I learned at 22

22 lessongs I learned at 22

Today it’s 11thDecember which means it’s my birthday. I’m not only one year older but also one year wiser – at least I guess so. In this blog post I want to share with you some lessons I learned this year. Since my birthday is in December, the year of 2019 is going to end soon, so […]

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Being over a person or situation – when the universe gives you a test

crystal coffee table

When something doesn’t trigger you anymore, you’re definitely over it. No matter if it’s a person, a situation or a feeling. Sometimes, we want to let got of certain people in our life. We can push this person to the back of our mind and think we’re over him (or her) but when we see […]

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