Second California Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been TWO YEARS since I was in California for the first time.
June 23th 2015 – I will never forget this date. It was my dream since I was very little and after I finished high school it finally came true.
I remember it like it was yesterday. The fact that it said „LAX“ on my boarding pass made me so happy. After about 11 hours of flying we finally approached Los Angeles International Airport. I looked out of the window, I saw the ocean, I saw the Hollywood Hills, I saw big houses with pools…I kind of felt home. I felt like I would belong there. This is my city. I stepped out of the airport  and breathed in the Californian air. A lot of automobile exhaust and kerosene but I liked it anyway. I saw palm trees and an American flag in the background. This whole trip was amazing. We had a great rental car (and I was so sad to give it back before we flew back home), we did roadtrips to Las Vegas and San Francisco and get to know the City of Angels. Of course we did touristy stuff like visiting the Hollywood Boulevard or Santa Monica Pier but I think that’s simply a part of it when you’re there for the first time. Two weeks went by so quickly and I knew I had to go back. After a great vacation you’re always a little melancholic about it and think about the great time you had but this time was different. It was more of a sad feeling that I had to leave. On the last day I changed my Whatsapp status into „You can take the girl out of Caliornia but you can’t take California out of the girl.“ And this is so true. Everyday I thought about California and missed it every second. I saved as much money as I could and one year later I found myself back in the City of Angels. I always thought (or better „feared“) that this would be my only time in Los Angeles because it’s so far away and not the cheapest destination to choose. I was afraid that this was the trip of my lifetime and I would never see this beautiful city again. Deep within me I knew this wasn’t true.
I made this trip with my dad and I wondered if this would be his first and last time in LA (because there are yet soo many other cool destinations to travel to). But he also got infected by the „LA virus“ and wanted to go back so badly. First, we thought this would be a crazy idea but as I said, we traveled back. I really love the lyrics of the song „Hollywood Hills“ by Sunrise Avenue because it really describes my situation. They go: „No I don’t wanna leave but I must keep moving ahead, ’cause my life belongs to the other side, behind the great oceans waves. (…) Bye bye, Hollywood Hills I’m gonna, miss you where ever I go I’m gonna come back to walk these streets again“. I listened to this song in the airplane back home while I was seeing the hills from above. I always imagined myself in this situation and now it was reality. My favorite part definitely was „I’m gonna come back to walk these streets again“. In September 2016 I published an Instagram post from Amsterdam’s Airport with the caption „She said she could, so she did. See you in a few hours, Los Angeles“.
We intended to do a more relaxed kind of holiday because we already knew the city and we didn’t have to take pictues of EVERYTHING (well at least me). We inteded to go to the beach more often, visit cafés and do more inside tipps. Of course we did: we borrowed bicycles and cycled along Venice Beach, went hiking in the Hollywood Hills and fell in love with „Alfred Coffee“ – a popular and amazing coffeeshop at Melrose Place. However, we could not let it and went on a road trip to Las Vegas (again), the Hoover Dam (yay, I was in Arizona for the first time, if you can count that, hahah) and to Palm Springs. All in all it was great but we didn’t relax as much as we wanted to. I remember our first evening in California, standing on the promenade in Santa Monica, watching the sunset (okay, it was almost dark) and seeing the ocean again. I felt totally jedlagged and tired and I breathed in the sea air. I was so blessed to be back in my favorite city.
Whenever I now see someone being in California (no matter if it’s a blogger, a sports star or just people of my university), I feel wanderlust. I always feel this urge to go back. So here’s the news: You can call us crazy but me and my dad booked a trip to our favorite city again. It will only be for one week but that does not matter. It says “Don’t count the days but make the days count” and I couldn’t agree more with it. This time we won’t do any extraordinary road trips but stay in Los Angeles for most of the time.
I still have unpublished blog posts from my travel diary about my first trip in 2015 and I’m unsure if I should post them or not because it’s been two years ago – so stay tuned.
And thank you dad for being one of my best travel companions I could ask for. It’s always fun with you and we get along so well. You’re more a friend than a father to me. Without you the trip would only be half as good.

On that note: See you in a few months, California. ❤

One thought on “Second California Anniversary

  1. Hi Sabrina.
    I just read your new blog.Very good.
    It reflects everything correctly.
    All you’ve written about Los Angeles is true.
    Yes, we are both infected by the City of Angels.
    But this is the most beautiful infection you can imagine.
    In no case will I be looking for an antivirus.
    I’m counting the few days before we get back.
    This time we will enjoy the city even more because we will only relax there.
    Relaxing at our favorite places, which we already know very well.
    I am looking forward to making the trip with you again. You’re my daughter and my friend too.
    In addition my guide, without I would have never seen the most beautiful places in L.A.
    Thank you!
    Here is a song tip from me:
    On my way in L.A. by Phil Carmen


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