Cologne vs. Munich – the struggle when you love two cities


Cologne is definitely one of my favorite cities and I just feel home when I’m there.
Munich however also a special place in my heart and I know that I will come back at times.

I’m often torn back and forth between those two cities because each of them has its advantages.
Now, when I’m in Munich, I miss Cologne and I guess that when I’m in Cologne, I’ll miss Munich.

Here’s a comparison about what I love and miss about Cologne and Munich:

What I miss about Cologne:

  • meeting with my friend for a cup of coffee in our favorite café and talking for hours
  • eating banana bread from as/if (best banana bread in the whole wide world, you have to try it)
  • seeing the spires of Cologne’s cathedral
  • the smell of the salad bar when buying a snack at REWE (reminds me so much of our uni lunch breaks)
  • the computer voice in the tram when it says “next stop: Rudolfplatz”
  • admiring the beautiful buildings on the street Aachener Straße
  • walking through the Belgian quarter
  • spending time at the Aachener Weiher


What I love about Munich:

  • when you walk out of a store and it’s dark outside and it unexpectedly starts to snow
  • all the beautiful old buildings that make me feel like I’m in Paris
  • walks along the Isar
  • the possibility that there might be a celebrity around the corner (like an actor or soccer player)
  • the feeling when you’re waiting for the subway and you don’t know if you get a cool modern subway or one of those beautiful old ones
  • the amount of coffee shops I still need to discover
  • the orange walls and mirrors at the station “Marienplatz”
  • the tendency to photograph e v e r y t h i n g because all buildings are SOOO beautiful
  • seeing the Alps out of our office window
  • my wonderful colleagues in our brand team (shoutout to you guys ❤ )



Have you been to Munich and/or Cologne? If yes, what do you love most about it?


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