5 tips to align more with your soul and the universe


There are times when everything in your life feels messy and quite confused. Your mind goes crazy, your head is about to explode and your to-do list seems endless. You are not aligned with your soul at all. Usually this state of mind is reflected in your surroundings as well: your room looks messy, you are hectic and nothing seems to work out.

But you can change this. There are a few ways that make you feel more connected again. More connected with your soul and more connected with your intentions.
You will feel back on track, life will get more relaxed and things suddenly work out.
You will experience synchronicities (which seem to be coincidences but aren’t), you smile about the smallest things and just are happy that you’re alive.
Life will offer you opportunities, your wishes are about to turn into reality and you just feel the connectedness within yourself.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to align more with your soul

1. Do things that make you happy

Listen to your body and only do things that are good for you and that you are enjoying. You don’t have to do anything to prove anybody anything. If you like going for a run in the morning, do that. If you like to sing and dance around your house, do that. If you like to eat a piece of cake at midnight, do that. If you prefer reading a book than going out for the night, it’s okay. If you want to cancel an appointment because you just don’t feel like it, it’s okay.
Do only what you love. Then you will connect with yourself again.

2. Enjoy your own company

Remember that you don’t necessarily need company to have a good time. For some people it’s easy for some it’s a bit harder. You don’t have to be a complete loner but knowing your worth and enjoying time with yourself definitely helps to connect with your soul again. Remember that you are the only person you spend your entire life with. From birth to death. There are periods of time where certain people accompany you on your life’s journey. Some for a very long time, some only a short phase. So why not loving the person you share every moment with. You. Only this way you can make others to love you. Love yourself, embrace your uniqueness and enjoy your own company.

3. Don’t force anything

This is one of the best strategies to get back into the flow of life. Often, we tend to plan and time things exactly. We make out scenarios in our head and we want them to happen exactly the way we imagine them. We look out for possible encounters and situations and we sometimes literally  try to force them to happen. But that’s not the way it works. The things, situations and persons who belong into our life will find their way. You have to trust divine timing. God (or the universe) knows when things are right. Some situations aren’t supposed to work out. Or sometimes: they aren’t supposed to work out NOW. Sometimes the timing isn’t right and you have to wait and be patient. And then, all of a sudden when you’re not thinking about it anymore, you may be surprised by the desired situation you once wished for. You can also read my post about why letting go of control sets you free to find more about this topic.


4. Trust your gut

Trust your gut.
Trust your gut.
Trust your gut.

It knows what’s right. Even though you are rather a rational thinker, try to listen to your inner voice more often. It always knows what to do and is always right. When you have the urge to do something or go somewhere, do that. Your soul is trying to tell you something. Often you’re surprised with something wonderful that you couldn’t imagine earlier on.

5. Slow down

Slow down and do everything with a lower speed. Begin your morning calm and relaxed, do yoga and meditate for a couple of minutes. Don’t wake up and panic about the tasks you have to do this day. Take a few minutes to get your intentions clear. Have a positive self-talk and express positive affirmations. Know that it will be a good day and let the magic unfold for you. But also through the day: slow down. Pay attention to your body and your actions and always stop for a second and just breathe whenever you notice you’re doing something hectically. That may be when you’re walking, brushing your teeth or tipping something in your phone. Do everything with a lower speed. This way you realize your surroundings more consciously and things will fall into place more quickly.

From my own experience I can say that all those techniques work. You will be surprised of how much your life will change if you follow them. It all takes their time and almost nothing happens in a blink of an eye. Be patient and always see the good in everything. You time and blessings will come. Trusting is everything. Listen to your body, do what you love, be content with yourself and know that everything happens for a reason.
If you have similar experiences or further tips I would love to hear them in the comments below.


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