Trust in divine timing


I really believe in signs, I really do. Especially in the last few weeks or months, my belief in those signs of the universe has been strengthened.
A few days ago, it was one of those times. Again.
Months ago, I started reading “Return to the Why Café“ by John Strelecky (a review will be on the blog soon). It’s a super interesting book and the story is simply amazing. It’s full of wisdom and definitely a read worth. However, I took a longer break and started reading other books. In my mind, this book was still alive and I wanted to finish reading it for sure. Maybe I wasn’t just ready for the next chapter.

Some days ago I spent the late evening on my balcony and thought about life and my current situation. I looked at the stars and it kind of felt magical. It was a mild summer night and there were no clouds so I could directly look at the stars. I really felt at peace and connected with the universe. Then, I immediately had the urge to continue reading „Return to the Why Café“. I didn’t know why but I felt that it was the right thing to do. I just knew it. I was super excited and really jittery in my inside. I went to my bed, grabbed the book out of my bed table and started reading.

I couldn’t believe it (well, acutually I did, because I knew it was right to read it) but the siuation described there fitted exactly to my current life situation. All the wisdom that was given to the main character was a hundred percent appropriate for me. Unbelievable. I really interpreted it as a sign of the universe. The fact that I stopped reading at this chapter, made a break of this certain amount of time and start reading it now, was just PERFECT. This is divine timing I think. No matter if you refer this to God, the universe or any other higher power – I really believe that there is something bigger that has a plan for us. Trusting is everything. Just know that you’re at the exact right time and place and that everything will turn out great. I will definitely try to implement the advice that was given to me.

Did you experience a situation where it felt like divine timing yet? If yes, let me know in the comments.

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