Why letting go of control sets you free

The other side of your comfort zone

“Stepping out of your comfort zone” is a topic that has been discussed a lot on the internet recently. Everywhere you see tips on how to step out of it, people share their stories and give advice. Often their tips include:

– doing something you’re afraid of
– talking to strangers
– say yes more often
– take a different route to work/uni or
– learning something new

That’s all well and good but it’s only one type of your comfort zone. There is another one that many don’t mention but many can relate to.

Your comfort zone is a safe place

Being in your comfort zone means being safe. You know your surroundings, all the processes, there are barely any risks. It means you control your life. And that’s the point.
Controlling in a certain way  is okay but when it becomes an addiction it’s harmful.
Addiction sounds like a really bad and dangerous word but I think many people can relate to it even if they don’t see it at first glance.

We all have wishes and dreams. We want certain scenarios to happen, we want to meet certain people and we all want it to happen a specific way that we already imagined in our head.
We sometimes want it so badly that we force the universe to make it happen.
We always look for a possibility, for a way our goal comes true. But forcing something to happen decelerates the manifestation process.
If you aren’t that much into spirituality, you might have experienced this on a more unconscious level but I guess that everyone has made experiences like this.

“It always comes different than expected” is a quote that shows it very well. If we envision specific scenarios in so many details  and with all our force, it will probably happen way different or not at all.
It’s not that you don’t have the power to manifest what you want, it’s just the urge to determine the way it happens. The way how things work out is not your task.


Don’t worry about the “HOW”

On the other hand, there are situations that happened just the way you wanted them. This is probably because you had your desired end result in mind but didn’t care much about HOW this manifested.
And this is one of the keys. Your job is not caring about the HOW, only about the WHAT. When you have your goal in mind, let it evolve naturally. There will situations pop up that lead you to the exact thing you wished for. It’s the Law of Attraction.
This is like ordering something on the internet. Once your order is done, you don’t question whether you will receive your order or not. You are sure that you will. And this is the same thing with ordering a “mental wish”.
Once you have expressed what you want, the universe (or God, or call it whatever you want) will find a way to make it happen.
Don’t lose sight of the goal but don’t think about it permanently and frantically. Don’t try to control your surroundings. Don’t look out for situations that lead you to your goal. The situations will come. They will come when you let go. Don’t force anything. Let everything evolve naturally.

Calm down and focus on yourself

When your mind tends to go wild, find something to distract you. Your mind can be such a beast. It always wants to control your life and your actions.
Breathe in and out, do yoga, meditate and focus on yourself.
Connect with your soul.
You are not your thoughts.
Always keep calm and trust the process.
Don’t rush.
You will receive what you asked for when you are ready.
Trust the timing.
When you rush things, you decelerate the manifestation process.
Stay patient.
And don’t lose hope when there still are no signs of your goals coming true.
This means you’re probably not ready.

Even though your mind will tell you that you’re ready, you’re soul is not.
Everything happens at the right time.
Just trust.

The mind is like water.
When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see.
When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.
– Prasad Mahes

In order to have your wishes manifested, you have to raise your vibration. Do what you love, follow your heart, get creative, do everything with passion.
Be grateful for the smallest things.
When you wake up, think positive thoughts. Be grateful that you are alive. Be grateful that life gives you so many opportunities. See the good in everything and stay in the present moment.
Never focus on what you don’t have. Don’t focus on lack. Lack attracts lack. That’s law.

To cut a long story short:
You will be amazed at how things magically fall into place when you let go the illusion of control.


What are your thoughts on this topic?
I’m curious to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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