Fall time in Munich (photo diary)


I haven’t thought that I can love fall so much. Usually I think about rainy, cold and dull days – not about sunshine, beautiful and bright colors and temperatures up to 22°C. And when you’re in a beautiful city, that’s another advantage. This weekend I explored the beautiful city of Munich and spent my Sunday at the lake. It was indeed that warm that people went swimming. I tanned, listened to music, watched the sun and smelled the smoke from people having a barbecue. One could think it was spring or even summer but definitely not midst October.
This weekend I realized again that life is about all the little things that makes it so beautiful. Often we don’t pay much attention to those small things. But it’s definitely learnable.

There is always something beautiful happening each day.

You just have to become aware of it.
Here’s a little list about beautiful moments I experienced this weekend:

– seeing two elderly people holding hands
– seeing a kid laughing whilst playing in the water (at the riverside)
– seeing a woman on a bench in a park, reading a book
– seeing the sun being reflected in a puddle
– seeing the single dust particles flying in the air in a light flooded S-Bahn
– petting sheep and hearing their bells while seeing the sunset in the background (and the Alps)
– feeling absolute calmness while standing in a beautiful and splendidly decorated small church
– smelling the smoke of people having a barbecue in midst of October
– tanning in shorts and top at the lake
– hearing people speaking Italian

What made your weekend special? Let me know in the comments.


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