How I manifested a cheap flight to Barcelona and how you can do too


A couple of months ago I thought about visiting Barcelona again. I didn’t think how I could make it (because all flights seemed to be super expensive at the time I looked) but it didn’t let me discourage and I just kept hoping – no, believing – that I would find a way to make it. After I made the decision in my mind that I would definitely go, I was seeing signs everywhere and my beliefs were strengthened. I saw a sign at an advertising pillar which said “Casa Gracia”. It was actually an advertisement but as you might know there’s a district in Barcelona called Gracia. Then I saw an advertisement of a travel agency for cheap flights which made me overthink my belief that all flights to Barcelona are expensive. Only a couple minutes later, I listened to some music on my iPod and set random mode. And guess what: the first song that was played was a song that reminded me of my last trip to Barcelona. With a smile on my face and a happy heart, I walked through the streets of Cologne, being totally sure that I would make it to the Catalan city. There is no other way.


During my lectures in university I started to do a little sketch of the Arc de Trimof, probably my most favorite sight in the city. I love its color, its details and ornaments and the big alley with palm trees that surrounds the arch. I kept this picture in my head, I visualized myself standing in front of the arch, being totally happy. I kept looking for flights but the prizes only got higher. Then I changed my departure airport. I only looked for offers of the airport I usually choose. But why not departing from the one that is only about 30km more far away. And indeed: I was lucky. The prize difference differed drastically and I found a flight that was about 100 euros cheaper. To put a long story short: I found a flight for 35€ per way and on top a cute little hotel which was located only two hundred meters far away from…. guess what… the Arc de Triomf. I couldn’t believe it and I was happier more than ever.

Once again I realized that believing and visualizing makes it all possible.

Always have a vision in your mind, feel it and be sure you will receive it. Then, the universe sets things into motion and you will manifest your desire. I put the sketch of the Arc de Triomf into my notebook and took it with me. At the backside I put the sticker of my manual hand luggage which I got before my flight. This was the proven sign to me: the sketch was just the beginning. It was an idea in my head. A couple of weeks later I found myself in an airplane to Barcelona. Thank you universe. Gracias! Moltes gràcies!


Tips for manifestation:

Before finally manifesting my cheap flight, I also listened to Spanish music, watched videos in Spanish and dealt more with its culture. I think this was also a way to accelerate my manifestation process.

So here’s my tip:

Do all the things related to what you want to manifest. Visualize, listen to music to set yourself in a good mood, write about what you want to accomplish and see yourself already having it. But most importantly: ALWAYS feel good about it. Only then, you will achieve it.



As I’m writing it, I’m sitting in one of my favorite cafés in Cologne. I just prepared a blog post about Barcelona when there came a family (with a cute little infant) and sat next to me. I immediately felt set back to my time in Barcelona. I got a motivation boost and wanted to start writing this blog post right away. Moreover, I’m eager to improve my skills in the Spanish language. It’s such so beautiful to speak, me encanta

¡Hasta pronto!, Sabrina




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