A Law of Attraction Manifestation Story: Attracting two coffee stamps


The universe is always listening to you. What you send out, you get back. It’s that simple. It works every time. If we believe it or not. BUT: you have to be specific. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Oftentimes however, we wish for things without knowing it. We wish unintentional. We think thoughts and send […]

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How I manifested a cheap flight to Barcelona and how you can do to


A couple of months ago I thought about visiting Barcelona again. I didn’t think how I could make it (because all flights seemed to be super expensive at the time I looked) but it didn’t let me discourage and I just kept hoping – no, believing – that I would find a way to make […]

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Meus favoritos: November

  Can someone please tell me why November went so fast? Honestly, this month nothing special happened, except for my trip to Barcelona. Nevertheless, I’m trying to find items in the categories event, clothes, book and food I liked the most. Kann mir bitte jemand erklären, warum der November so schnell vergangen ist? Ehrlich gesagt […]

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