The power of meditation and visualization – how it helped me to pass a presentation successfully (story time)

university presentation techniques

Did you know how powerful meditation and visualizations are? I guess you heard about it but have you ever tried meditation and visualization for yourself? Do you know what you’re capable of when you focus on your inner voice and right attitude? Here’s a little story for you about my experiences with visualization.

How visualization helped me to pass my bachelor presentation

Late August I had my last oral exam for my university. It was my last presentation that went along with my bachelor thesis. After this presentation, I would be done with university. Normally I’m a person that is nervous before oral exams and I was afraid that I forget my text for my presentation or that I’m so shaky that I can’t speak slowly. I thought this time it has to be different. It’s the last time in university where I can show what my skills are and I wanted to finish my studies with a very good grade. So instead of being afraid all the time, I visualized myself standing in front of my professors self-confidently, speaking slowly, knowing exactly what I want to say (without notes), and rocking this presentation.

Programming our subconscious mind

So for one week I totally focused on this vision I had for myself, I meditated daily, did breath work and used positive affirmations. For the first few days these sounded a bit silly and implausible to me because I made the experiences that I wasn’t that good at presentations. But after about three days my subconscious mind totally believed that I loved speaking in front of other people, that presenting for me was easy and fun and that I got a very good grade. I always said to myself how calm I am. I stood in my apartment in front of the mirror, practiced my presentation and imagined myself to be in the class room at university. Whenever I walked my way to university I imagined myself walking there at the day of my presentation too without having a beating heart.

Presenting with ease

On the day of my presentation I went to university at noon to practice my presentation in a real scenario and the actual surroundings. I checked all the technical stuff, went through my presentation and imagined my professors sitting in front of me. Then I walked home again, had a little lunch and got dressed for my real presentation. I went to university again, went to the exact room that I practiced in before and prepared the technical stuff for my presentation. My professors arrived and I started my presentation. (Little side note: one of my professors was late but I stayed super calm and relaxed and didn’t get sweaty palms or a beating heart). Once my second professor I arrived, I started my presentation. I spoke slowly, knew my text, I stood calm and confidently and really enjoyed presenting. This was definitely a version of me that I haven’t known before.

Having a strong vision is everything

After my presentation I answered the professors’ questions with ease and before I knew it, my presentation was already over. My professors discussed my presentation, work and performance in privacy and called me back in the room a few minutes later. I couldn’t believe it when they told me: I got the best grade possible and they got barely anything to criticize – even though they’re petty sometimes. They liked my presentation and said that I presented with ease and self-confidence and that I knew what I was talking about. They saw that I liked presenting and knew I enjoyed it.
Having this feedback made me feel so so grateful. Of course I was super happy about my grade but I was even more grateful to see that my meditation, visualization and breath works worked. For me it’s so clear that my good final result consists about 20% of the hard factors like learning my presentation text and about 80% of the soft factors like preparing mentally. This showed me that no matter what it is that we were afraid of, we can totally switch the perspective, make new experiences and have the dream result. A main part of this good grade is due to my strong vision and right attitude.
I hope to inspire you with this story and make you believe in yourself. We all got this and we can always choose to create a new version of us.

(PS: After my presentation I talked with my professors a bit about my future plans, yoga, meditation and traveling (since the topic of traveling was a part of my bachelor thesis and presentation). They even told me they looked at my Instagram page and liked all the yoga poses I made. Is there any better situation to end my university life than this? I don’t think so. If you read this, I want to thank you, my two professors. I enjoyed it presenting in front if you and thank you for this good grade.)

Have you made any similar experiences with meditation and visualization techniques? If so, I want to hear your stories below.
I’m wishing you lots of love and light




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