Synchronicities: Thinking about people and then meeting them

synchronicities notebook crystal

Synchronicities are situations that seem like a “coincidence” at first but they are not. Basically nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. The more “aligned” you are, the more synchronicities you will experience. At first you may think “oh what a coincidence” but within time you will realize that these “situations” are too odd to happen randomly.

Here are some synchronicities that happened to me today:


Although Cologne is a big city, it sometimes feels as if it’s a small village.
This morning I went grocery shopping in the city center and went there by bus. At my bus station there was a girl who was waiting too and she eventually took the same bus. I went to several stores and it took me about one hour. After doing my groceries I caught the bus again. Right before the bus was starting, there was a girl running towards it that wanted to catch this bus too. The driver was so nice and opened the door again so she could enter. And guess who it was: the girl that I already saw at my bus stop this morning.



Last summer I met a girl who I got to know through Instagram but we only met once. We got along well but some weeks after she left Germany to study abroad for some months. Yesterday I thought about her and how cool it would be to meet again. We hadn’t stayed in contact ever since and she isn’t active on Instagram anymore. Today I went to a café alone and suddenly a girl came towards me and said if I remember her. It was Alina from last summer. We exchanged numbers and will probably meet again soon.  How crazy is that?



The same day – also in this café – I met a friend of mine. I was absorbed in writing and didn’t recognize her first. She then wrote me on my phone and I looked up and saw her. Haha, so funny. Some of my plans have changed today  (cause I actually thought a friend of mine was visiting me but I confused the dates and she is coming next week – clumsy me). So today was a day where I didn’t plan anything and thought I would be all alone and not meeting anyone because everybody had different plans yet. So long story short: I went to this café and already met two people I know. Such a lovely day.

As I’m writing this post I’m sitting in a café and I hear people talking and saying “oh come on, this is no coincidence”. Yep, that is true. It’s definitely no coincidence.

Have you ever experienced situations like these? Let me know in the comments.

Rotkehlchen cafe synchronicity

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