5 tips how to get things done (without distraction or procrastination)

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In this blog post you will find five tips how to get things done – without distraction or procrastination. Often, we’re sitting at our desk and want to finish a task. But we get distracted and what we could easily do in one hour becomes three hours or more. When you can identify with this situation and want to get help, this post might be the solution. I’m showing you my five personal tips what you can do to concentrate and do tasks with ease. Enjoy!

1. Focus yourself

Often there are many tasks that need to be done and you don’t know where to start. Or your tasks isn’t defined detailed enough and you don’t know what it exactly is that you have to do. So in order to get your  things done it’s important to focus yourself first.
There are many ways to do so. I recommend to take some minutes in stillness and mediate. Try to calm your mind and observe your thoughts. But do not judge your thoughts or get lost in them. Just see them appearing as clouds and let them pass. Try to sit at least five minutes and don’t get distracted. Once you’ve done that I guarantee that you will feel more relieved and less stressed. Now you can focus on the first task and the things that need to be done.

2. Know your WHY

When you start something and want to get things done, it’s essential to know your why. Why are you doing these things? Is it bringing you to your higher vision? Does it support your dreams? Of course there are tasks that need to be done and we aren’t enjoying them 100%. But the majority of tasks you do should support your dreams and life’s work. You should act upon your intrinsic motivation. When you only do the tasks because of external motivation, you will probably lose your focus easily. So know your WHY, and I bet that things will be easier.

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3. Put your phone out of your room

This is probably my biggest lesson when it comes to getting things done. When you really want to be productive and finally stop procrastinating, you have to put your phone out of your room. Although we don’t want to admit it: spending hours on Instagram, just scrolling through the feed and watching random stories is a total waste of time. Even when you’re thinking “ah, I just lay it on my desk but I won’t touch it” – it’s a lie. When the temptation is there, we are probably going to make use of it. Instagram as well as texting apps are the main reasons why we spend times on our phones. What’s even better than only putting your phone out of your room is switching it to flight mode. So when you’re leaving your room and running by your phone, you aren’t tempted to see if somebody texted you because there is no way to receive messages anyway.

4. Know what distracts you

Everyone of us has their own distractions: for some it’s their cute cat that wants to be petted, for some it’s snacking constantly and for some it’s obviously their phone (see above). But first of all it’s important to know your distractions. Once we’ve identified them, we can easily try to eliminate them. Often, hours pass, we’re dawdling around and we wonder why we don’t get stuff done. So an important tip is to find out what distracts you and remove this item out of your room while getting your task done.

5. Don’t visit YouTube

We all know this phenomenon: once we visit the video platform, we’ll probably get stuck there. One video recommendation after the other – and most of them are truly customized to what we want to watch. If we aren’t consistent with ourselves and don’t close this website immediately, we’ll probably stay there for quite a long time. This is what also happened to me the other day and my biggest learning and recommendation for you (as well as for myself) is to do not visit this (or similar websites) in the first place. This way you don’t be tempted to watch endless videos.


I hope these five tips helped you to be more focused in your work, to know your distractions and to get things done. Feel free to comment which of these tips helped you the most and if you could identify with some of the written situations. Also, you can share your favorite tip in the comments below.

I’m wishing you a lovely day.
Lots of love and light,

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