My goals and resolutions for 2020 – what will change

Better late than never, I’m wishing you a beautiful year 2020.
It’s not only a another year that started, but also a new decade.

Actually I think that these are only numbers and every year, month and even day is equally important but I can feel that 2020 is a special year.
January is already over but it still feels like 2020 has just started – at least I’m feeling the same positive and optimistic vibes that I felt at the beginning of this year.

What will change?

There are lot of things planned and I can’t wait to turn them into reality.
Also for Palmtrees and Sunshine I’ve planned to create more content.
I plan it to become more like a platform and space for a like minded community with the interests of traveling, spirituality and living a conscious and holistic life.

See it as a platform where you can feel free, be inspired and find motivation and positivity.

My goals for 2020:

2020 is a year in which I’m going to make things happen. Not only talking about my visions and dreaming but really taking the required action to implement my dreams.
I’ve learned that we have to start somewhere and take the first step. Our path will unfold when we start making the first step. You also can read further thoughts on this topic in my Instagram post.
For 2020 I have some goals that you can see in the photo below. The content that I will publish on this blog here, on my Instagram as well as YouTube will go along with these goals.

goals for 2020


In my Instagram post as well as my Story Highlight “hi there” you will see a more detailed version of my goals, vision and upcoming content.

Feel free to share with me your goals for 2020, I’m excited to read them.

I’m wishing you love and light and the courage to follow your dreams. Because everything is possible.

2 thoughts on “My goals and resolutions for 2020 – what will change

  1. your goals are really productive. some of them are a really big shift. i wish i also had the same courage as you. wishing you the best 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. Yes that’s true. Some are big but we have to dream big and know that everything is possible. I love the saying: your dreams should scare you a little and excite you a lot. 🙂 I truly believe that you already have the courage you need. It’s all inside of you. Have a beautiful day!


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