How astrology affects the current situation (Jupiter Saturn Pluto Mars Conjunction)

In 2015 astrologers predicted that 2020 will be a special year and that we will distinguish between a life before and after 2020. 
2020 has several significant planet constellations or „cosmic events” started January 12.

Jupiter Saturn Pluto Mars Conjunction

In this year the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto-Mars conjunction plays in important role. Four planets that are approaching one another and standing together in the sky right now.
Mars is the planet that moves the fastest. The planets circle around the sun but from an Earth perspective it looks as if they are circling around us. On March 20th Mars hit Jupiter which was also the start of Aries season. So the sun changed signs as well and brought some motivational and changing Aries energy. Although spring is here and we want to go outside and play, this situation teaches us to go inside and play – to connect more with our soul.
On March 20th was also spring equinox which is a good time to cleanse your energy and declutter your materialistic stuff. By these three events you can tell that there’s a lot of energy in the air – which we are all feeling right now. Today (March 23rd) Mars hit the planet Pluto. Pluto is known for transformation, change and growth. As you can obverse what’s going on in the world right now, there’s a lot of change and transformation: for our economy, health, social contacts etc. But on the other hand: all of this will make us grow.

Saturn in Aquarius

Moreover Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. The planet Saturn stands for commitment, government, rules and laws. Saturn reminds us that the decisions we make today have an impact for tomorrow – no matter if these are the decisions of the government or our own personal ones. Aquarius is a forward thinking sign which thinks about humanity and the collective. We all have to act together as a global community (I also like the term ‘world citizen’ very much) and we have to have faith that everything works out on a higher level. Things are happening for us not to us. We have to remember that we are all in this together and we have to act like this. It’s now time for a world where everyone is kind to one another and knows that everything is karmically related.
On March 31st Mars will reach Saturn which will be one of the peaks.
Even my astrologer I met in Barcelona about ten days ago told me that March 31st will be one of the peaks where things will heat up and measures by the government may be intensified. The peak of the planets will be around 7 p.m. (CET) and surprisingly that is exactly the time my return flight from Barcelona to Germany would have taken place. (Of course it would have been now cancelled anyway so I’m really glad I took the decision to fly back to Germany two weeks prior than planned).

Start of Aries Season

Aries season started March 20 and will last until April 19th. When I was in Barcelona I also took part in an astrology webinar and there it was said that March 20 to April 20 will be a challenging time – no wonder that the governments extended the curfew and didn’t terminate it at the end of March. A lot of astrologers predicted that.
We can all hope that the pandemic will be over (or at least getting way better) when sun enters Taurus on April 19th.  We can hope that the virus will disappear as fast as it came and that greater things will be waiting for all of us after the pandemic.
What we can say that at the end of it nothing will be the same anymore  – but in a good way. Let’s see how things develop. The optimistic side of me definitely says this crisis is good for something and will lead to something wonderful transformational.

Get ready for spring – what to do on Spring Equinox


Cleanse your space (energetically as well as physically)

You can use palo santo or sage to smoke your home and to banish old and negative energy.
I also pulled some oracle cards for my Instagram community and I took the card of cleaning and cleansing as well. It’s a good time (especially since we have to stay at home) to declutter your wardrobe, your drawers or old boxes with stuff you don’t need.

Breathe in sunshine

Spring is here – no matter the outer circumstances: you can decide if you want to enjoy these spring vibes or not (especially because the Sun entered in Aries on March 20th). If you have to possibility to go outside, take a walk in your neighborhood and let the sun shine on your body and gives you light. Maybe you have a garden or a terrace or even if not, open your windows or curtains and let some sunshine in. Even if the sun doesn’t shine where you are now, take a deep breath in and imagine bright sun rays distributing in all of your body. Be thankful to be alive. No matter the outer circumstances. Gratitude is the key for a happy life.

Use crystals

If you have some crystals at home, place them in your apartment or set up some new spring decoration using your favorite crystals. Especially rose quartz is now important to spread love for the world or citrine which is known as the „light maker“ for some new energy.
I hope this article helped you to get a little overview about what is going on astrologically right now.
If you have anything to add, I’d love to know it in the comments.

Wishing you love and light

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