Using my Lotuscrafts Yoga Travel Mat in Barcelona

My first yoga travel mat

(Anzeige/PR Sample)

As a travel person and yoga lover I was missing one thing: a yoga travel mat. Can you believe I practiced on a towel in hotel rooms or even took my thick yoga mat from home with me?

Now that I’m having a yoga travel mat, I will take it wherever I travel.


I got mine from from Lotuscrafts which is an eco friendly brand. Their products are designed in the beautiful city of Vienna (and are “om guaranteed” 😉 ). Lotuscrafts wants to inspire people to practice yoga and meditation so that people can deepen their spiritual way of life.

I took my mat to Barcelona and imagined practicing yoga at the beach, in front of the ocean, doing acro yoga in the park and doing yoga photoshoots in the beautiful streets of the Gothic Quarter. However this didn’t happen due to the Corona virus.

During the first week on my trip I still had the chance to go outside – not a single sign of a curfew or standstill of public life. I took the mat to the yoga classes I went to and also once to the beach. After some time the measures intensified due to the Corona virus and we couldn’t leave the house anymore. Luckily, my AirBnB got a sunny rooftop where I could practice yoga in the morning.

yoga-beach-barcelona yoga-studio-barri-gotic

Yoga on my Barcelona rooftop


Having this rooftop wasn’t bad at all. Of course I would have liked it more to practice with the sound of the ocean in front of me. But on my terrace I had a beautiful view over some parts of the city. I could see the mountain of Tibidabo in the background as well as Plaça d’Espanya. I enjoyed doing my sun salutations under the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. I journaled, meditated and enjoyed a delicious (vegan) breakfast afterwards.
Always turning the situations around and keep focusing on the positive aspects.


Now I’m back in Germany but I will definitely come back to my beloved Barcelona. And I’ll be taking my yoga mat with me. And I will be practicing at the beach. And doing photoshoots in the streets of el Barri Gòtic. It’s all coming. Better times are ahead.

Breathe in faith

In the meantime, don’t worry or put yourself under stress. Take few deep breaths, inhale faith and be present in this very moment. Practice yoga at home and use this time to learn more about yourself and your soul.

Yoga Mat Oeko Travel

I got the “Yoga Mat Oeko Travel” in the beautiful color “bambus” which creates a tropical vibe wherever I go. The mat is very thin and can easily packed in a suitcase or backpack. However it’s not too thin so it’s comfortable to practice on it and your knees won’t hurt. 😉 You have a firm grip so you can stay in downward dog easily without slipping.

The material is made of 100% biodegradable natural rubber and free of PVC and BPA, which helps to protect our environment. They also we pay attention to a resource-conserving approach in their production chain and work processes.
So what more to ask for?



If you want to see how my yoga flow in Barcelona looked like, head over to my Instagram and watch this IGTV yoga flow in Barcelona.

Do you have a yoga travel mat? If so, feel free to share in the comments to which destinations you already took it with you.

I’m sending you lots of love and light,


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