New Moon in Virgo – Astrology Update


Happy New Moon! 

What to do on this New Moon in Virgo:

Virgo is an Earth sign and is considered to be the Earth Goddess. Grounding always feels good, especially when we’re living in our head most of the time. When our thoughts are flipping back and forth, when we feel restless and in a rush, it’s always good to connect with our inner Earth Goddess again. This might look different to each and everyone of us, but grounding could mean:

– going out in nature
– maybe walk into the forest
– do grounding yoga exercises (such as the yogi squad or child’s pose)
– walk barefoot or
– watch the stars 

This New Moon in Virgo is a really intellectually stimulating one so make sure to find some outlet for your mind. Grab your journal today, write everything out that comes in your mind. Writing is definitely something that helps me ground as well. There is no right or wrong. So don’t judge yourself or try to be perfect. Find your inner Goddess and let everything flow. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which stands for communication. You can also talk to a friend, express your ideas and feelings in order to gain more clarity today and let your monkey mind stop. 

Visualize and connect with your soul’s wishes

Today is New Moon which means the moon is not visible, but its power is very strong. New Moons are actually my faves since it always has the power of a new beginning. 
The moon is in the sign of Virgo today, which reminds you that you are the creator of your life. You can create any life you imagine, it’s in your hands. Often we have subconscious beliefs that hinder us from manifesting and creating the reality we want. It’s not only „ask, believe, receive“. There is a lot of inner work to do. It’s a process. But through journaling, meditating, shadow work and other practices you can come one step closer to remove any blockages that have held you back.

Take some time today and connect with your soul’s wishes. Don’t listen to your ego and its doubts and fears. Let go of your perfectionism and just start. You are good enough the way you are. You have a special gift that you can offer the world. It’s time to shine your light. Virgo teaches us how to improve ourselves, striving towards higher goals, but always keeping a healthy routine and balance.It’s a clear and dark night today, perfect to go inside and deal with your inner self. The outer world is not that important today. Create your perfect world internally first and then see it manifest in your outer reality. 

Using affirmations

It’s a time to plant new seeds for this next lunar cycle, for the next 28 days. As a reminder for you: Create the life you want. First figure out what it exactly is. Daydream and visualize what truly brings you JOY. Because that’s what life’s all about: joy. Then take a leap of faith. Trust that it will work out.You can also use the following affirmation to support your subconscious mind: „Everything I touch is a success“.This New Moon you can also use more details in your visualization. There are no limits. You can visualize your perfect day, your perfect life with all the little details but take care that your ego won’t intervene and tells you that it’s not possible. There’s no room for the ego today. Go inwards and align with your soul. What sparks joy in you? Then follow this path.

Happy New Moon!

Love and light,


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