The Kissing Booth 1 + 2 – Movie Spots and Filming Locations in Los Angeles


Just recently I discovered the movies The Kissing Booth and its sequel The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. Although it’s a typical teen high school movie, I love it so much and wanted to deal more with it than just watch them. On the one hand I’m super excited because it plays in my favorite city Los Angeles, on the other hand these movies are based on the novels by Beth Reekles – and I love when books are turned into a movie. (Hoping this for the novels I write as well πŸ˜‰ )
The movie The Kissing Booth and its sequel were mostly filmed in Cape Town, South Africa but it’s supposed to play in Los Angeles, California. That’s why I decided to show you here the spots of Los Angeles and not the actual filming spots in Cape Town.

Besides the lovely characters that you easily take into your heart, this movie gives me so many flash backs to Los Angeles. I’ve been to LA a couple of times and also visited many of the spots shown in the film, which made me super excited. For everyone of you who also adores the City of Angels (and a nice teen romance to watch), this film and blog post is the definitely the one for you.

Maybe you are also a “film tourist” and you love to visit movie locations, then this one’s also for you. And maybe you are just interested in getting to know more insider spots for your next LA trip. You can see this post as a little Los Angeles travel guide. If you want to visit LA, these spots should definitely be on your bucket list for your trip.

But let’s get started. I hope you enjoy this blog post (attention: spoiler alert).

Santa Monica Pier – Playland Arcade

Right from the beginning we see that Elle and Lee have been playing the Dance Dance Mania machine since they were a kid. This gaming hall is located on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. It’s called “Playland Arcade” in real life. This is also the place where Elle and Marco practice for the dance competition. In the movie however it was filmed in a studio.

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Pacific Theatres’ Cinerama Dome

When we see Elle and Lee driving in his car to school, they pass the famous Pacifics Cinerama Theatre, which is a movie theater in Hollywood. It’s located at 6360 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. In The Kissing Booth 1 you see it around minute 0:07:50.

Beverly Hills

We also see Elle and Lee driving along a street covered with palm trees, also on their way to school. This is in Beverly Hills, maybe on N Beverly Drive / Carmelita Ave, but there are plenty streets in the this area that look like this.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Lee takes Elle with him to choose a shirt to impress Mia from the “OMGs” at their school. The shop they are looking for an outfit is called Stag and is located on 1337 Abbot Kinney Boulevard. You can see this scene in the first part of The Kissing Booth, around 0:13:10.


Venice Beach & Venice Skate Park

At Venice Beach, they’re having a beach party where they play beer games and water slides. You see this around 0:54:00 of the first part. Before this scene we see different locations of Venice, such as Venice Downtown (with its famous logo hanging over the street), the Venice Skate Park and of course the beach.

Hollywood Sign

Instead of driving back home from the beach party (scene above), Noah drives Elle to his secret spot: the top of the Hollywood sign. Actually it’s not possible and prohibited to go EXACTLY to the sign but there’s a spot behind the sign that allows you to come as close to it as possible. Elle and Noah sleep there together for the first time and enjoy a beautiful view over the city at night. In the second movie she comes back at daylight and enjoys the view over the city.

Elle and Noah moments – different spots in the city

In the mid of the first movie, we see Elle and Noah experiencing some beautiful moments together in various spots of the city and beach area. Whenever I see these clips I get an instant flashback to Los Angeles as well since I have been visiting many of these places as well (which makes my fan heart so excited). In the following you see an overview of the places they’ve been to (in the movie these scenes begin at about 1:05:50 of the first part).

Highway 1 / Malibu Coast – Driving along the coast

The first movie ends and the second movie begins when Elle is riding the motorcycle along the coast. This was actually filmed in South Africa but is supposed to be the California State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and the coast of Malibu. Nevertheless, both coasts are absolutely beautiful. I remember driving this Highway with a beautiful view to the ocean. Whether in a car or on a motorcycle, make sure to drive this route when you’re there. The scenic look won’t disappoint you.

Under the Santa Monica Pier

Elle and Noah spend some time at the beach, kissing under the Santa Monica Pier and running at the beach at sunset.

Echo Park

We also see Elle and Noah on a pedal boat in Echo park.

Riding the bicycle at the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Noah and Elle are riding the bicycle along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. I did this too, when I was in Los Angeles and I can only recommend you doing it as well when you travel there. It’s such a beautiful route – for cyclists as well as for runners or skateboarders. The view of the ocean with its huge beach to the one side and beautiful houses and booths and restaurants to the other side. And palm trees. Lots of palm trees. Definitely recommend.

Swinging on the giant swings at Santa Monica Beach

Another highlight at the beach of Santa Monica are the swings and ropes, very close to the Pier. It’s like an outdoor playground for adults and acrobats. We also see Elle and Noah on these swings for a short scene.

Walking through China Town at night

There’s a small scene when Noah and Elle are walking through China Town at night. When it’s dark outside, the buildings are colorfully illuminated and it gives this place a special atmosphere. I once visited China Town at full moon and there was a big Full Moon party with food and drinking stands, acrobats and disguised people.

LAX International Airport

At the end of the first movie, Noah leaves to Harvard. We see the famous big LAX letters in front of the airport. The entrance building however was actually the Cape Town International Convention Centre and not the airport in Los Angeles.
Also the second movie has a scene which plays at the Los Angeles International Airport: at the end of the movie Elle rushes to the airport to go back to Noah.

Santa Monica Beach

There are several movie scenes that play at the beautiful Santa Monica beach. The second movie begins and we see a flashback about what has happened between Noah and Elle. Among others, they watched a beautiful sunset at the beach.
Also, Elle and Marco have a chat at night at the beach, right after they practiced for the dance competition.

Third Street Promenade

In the second movie, Elle and Lee see Marco playing with his band in the street. This place is not far from the Santa Monica Pier and is probably supposed to be the famous pedestrian zone “Third Street Promenade” in Santa Monica. However this scene was also filmed in the Silo District in Cape Town. If you want to see the movie scene, it’s in the second part, at about 0:27:30h.

Third Street Promenade Mall, Los Angeles, California

Santa Monica Pier – Ferris Wheel

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the main spots of the movies. Not only because of the Dance Dance Mania Machine (see above, first location). We also see Lee and Elle walking along the Pier and enjoying the view and her and Marco enjoy a ride on the Ferris Wheel in the second movie.

Amoeba Music Store, Hollywood

We see Elle and Marco in the famous Amoeba Music Store on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood (The Kissing Booth 2: around 1:20:20h). I also visited this store when I was in Los Angeles and it was impressing how HUGE this store is and how many records they’ve got. Unfortunately, the store had to close earlier this year. It’s located at 6200 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last but not least, we see Marco and Elle walking along the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood (also in The Kissing Booth 2: at about 1:20:22h).

That’s it. 18 locations of the movie The Kissing Booth. I hope you liked reading it. Have you already watched The Kissing Booth 1 and 2?
If so, did you recognize the filming spots in the movie?
If you haven’t watched the movies yet, you definitely should.
Now, after researching all the spots and taking a closer look at the movie (and watching it several times) it’s funny and interesting to see how “realistic” the filming spots in Cape Town look. One could really think ALL of them were shot in California. πŸ˜‰

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write a comment below.

Much love and light,


PS: If you want to follow more of my travels you can also check out my Instagram account or YouTube channel (where I also have plenty of stuff about Los Angeles).

2 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth 1 + 2 – Movie Spots and Filming Locations in Los Angeles


    What about the ending of kissing booth 3? (1:45:46)
    Do you know where that is located? I want to say I have seen that same spot in multiple movies that were filmed in California.

    Hope to heat back from you! Cali trip soon!


    1. Thank you so much :)) Really means a lot to me.
      I just watched the passage of the movie again. It’s the Pacific Coast Highway in California πŸ™‚ A beautiful route along the coast.



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