Greator Festival Cologne 2022 – My top 11 leanings from two days personal development and motivation

Last weekend I attended the Greator festival in Cologne. Two days about mindset, motivation and personal development. Many renowned national and international speakers gave us input and inspiration in their talks. But also the talks with my lovely colleagues I went with inspired me a lot. ✨

Today I want to share with you my top 11 learnings and best experiences from the festival.

  1. In order to live your life purpose, you have to take risks. Also the risk to be yourself and the possibility to be rejected by people. But in the end it’s always worth it to be yourself. (Bahar Yilmaz) 
  2. When creating content really think about who you want to reach? Who is your audience? Who do you wanna provide value for? Always think in stories: be authentic, create real value, show personality, be courageous and be visible. (Céline Flores Willers)
  3. Have the commitment to fulfill your life purpose. Your mind is like water: flexible but powerful. (David Allen)
  4. „It’s an impudence to ask other people about our potential“ —> We all have it inside of us (Can’t remember who said it)
  5. We’re living in a society where we think we die with 50 years old. WE HAVE SO MUCH TIME. No matter if you’re 25, 30 or 40. You can still do and achieve big things. Don’t care what other people think. Why are we impressing people so much? We don’t need outside validation. Too many people think that the world is about “or“ —> But it’s about “and”. Teach the world that you can be an alpha by being an extremely nice person: Nice people are happy people. Words and input by the amazing (Gary Vaynerchuck)
  6. Nobody is too small to change the world. Stories are relevant and stories are everywhere – also advertisements are micro stories. (As an aspiring book author this topic was super interesting for me): Stories have to be simple, concrete, authentic, unexpected and emotional (René Borbonus)
  7. You can’t win life’s game, you can just play it. Therefore: Live in the present moment. Live in the now and enjoy the journey (Dieter Lange)
  8. We are the entrepreneurs of our own life. When you want to achieve something, you have to step into the unknown and take risks. There are more people that give up than fail. Not ideas change the world but actions. We are born to be free. (Jochen Schweizer)
  9. Spirituality means stepping into the unknown and seeing parts of you that you might don’t want to see. At some point our soul gets so loud and we can’t do anything other than take our place in this world and do what we’re here for. We don’t have to keep ourselves small. We have to become visible. Often, it’s our biggest fear to fully step into our potential and shine our light (so interesting, it definitely resonated with me). We are so endlessly powerful and we can create our life the way we want it. It’s now time to love as much as you have never loved before. Words and input by the amazing (Laura Malina Seiler)
  10. Make each day a „museum day“ and fill it with beautiful memories. Live according to your big five for life and prioritize them. Isn’t it great getting paid by living your big 5 for life? (This definitely motivated and inspired me). If you wish to be more adventurous then BE more like that. We are creatures of free will and can creative life the way we want. Send signals our to the cosmic algorithm. It’s possible for all of us to LIVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. (John Strelecky)
  11. We all have goals in life. But what’s really behind it? —> It’s wishes and needs. You don’t have to become better, you have to come more real. Too much ego kills your talent, too less ego kills your potential. Are you are person that weeds or plants flowers? You can’t overplan your future too much. Just be yourself. Are you ready to become the person that’s deep within you? (Dr. Stefan Frädrich)

And last but not least:

You are not worthy because of what you achieved but HOW you lived

(Can’t remember who said it but it touched me deeply and really sticks in my head)

When is your favorite lesson from these above? 

Sending love, motivation and inspiration


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