Sabrina in Port d'Andratx

Oh gosh, it’s been a while!

First of all, thank you for every one who has been visiting my blog in the past year, where I wasn’t active here at all. I appreciate it very much ❤

I started this blog right after I finished high school, because – you may or may not know it – I wanted to become a full time blogger. And it still is one of my visions and goals.

Many things have happened last year and I was mainly active on Instagram.

But as time passed by, I really started to miss blogging, writing articles and publishing them.

Back to the roots

Now I’m feeling more than ready again to post here, share my thoughts and create inspiring content for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be published, it’s the passion behind it that counts. I realized that writing just fulfills my heart and soul – and that is why we are here, right? Doing what we love and following our soul mission.

And writing is definitely one of them!

Palmtrees and Sunshine started as travel and lifestyle blog but over time my niche got more concrete and this is what my blog (and personal brand in general) is all about:

Combining spirituality and traveling. Therefore my slogan: through inner and outer worlds.

Because that is what I’m basically doing all day everyday: contemplating about life, trying to understand how the universe works, how we can manifest our dream life and getting deeper into spiritual wisdom.

And at the same time I’m traveling: getting on trains and airplanes, discovering new places, cities and cultures.

So this is why I came up with the idea of combining my learnings from the “inner world” (spirituality) with my experiences from the “outer world” (traveling).

How does that sound? Are you exciting?

A little recap:

As a little recap I’m giving you a little overview now about some events that happened during my absence here:

  1. I started an online marketing job in Hamburg, Germany and met some wonderful friends and colleagues who share the same values and visions as I do. The best part: I’m working as a digital nomad so I can travel whenever I want and I’m not at all bound to the city in Northern German 😉
  2. I made my book idea (fictional story) more concrete and finally began writing – one of my absolute passions!
  3. I moved to Palma de Mallorca for 5 months last year and enjoyed my life on this beautiful, beautiful Balearic island.
  4. I manifested meeting Shawn Mendes personally and this showed me that literally anything is possible.
  5. I really made the most of my nomad lifestyle and visited more than 11 different places this year already (among others: London, Toronto, Milan and Cinque Terre – enough travel content is definitely guaranteed) 🙂

I’m looking forward to inspire you to live your best best and become the happiest version you can be.

Let’s all make our vision boards come true!

Much love,


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