It’s time to go abroad again – Why I’m feeling happier in foreign countries

happy in foreign countries

I’m feeling this itching to go abroad again. And I do not mean a five day city trip. No, something longer. This year has been full of travels, all of them not longer than two weeks.

This is what my soul needed this year. Adventures, being here, being there, a lot of changes and new impressions.

And in between all these trips and travels, the question of settling came into my mind again. Although I LOVE traveling, a part of me also craves a bit stability. A place where I can settle (a bit!) before going on my next adventure. This year it has been my family’s home in Germany – and the time has been great, don’t get me wrong – but I just don’t see myself in Germany long-term.

Where is home?

The next question is: But where do I see myself? I haven’t found an answer all year so I guess this is why I chose to travel around this year instead of finding a flat somewhere (I initially planned Mallorca, but now looking back I’m glad that it didn’t work out earlier this year. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to travel THAT much this year.)

So again: Thank you, universe. For always (re-)arranging things. Forcing something has never worked out. So I’m SURE that the right apartment will find me. (It has always been this way.)

As I said, my time in Germany has been great but in my heart I’ve always known that I see this here as an intermediate stop. Also last year, when I was living in Hamburg, I realized there is not a single city in Germany where I could imagine to settle (at least right now). Cologne always has and will be one of my absolute favorite cities in Germany (Kölle, du bes e Jeföhl 🙂 ) and some years ago, when I lived there, I thought this is the place for me.

But I know, the world is waiting for me (again). I have my family here, yes, and also some friends (but most of them are free spirits as well and somewhere spread in Germany or the world). I feel like the world is waiting for me – literally.

I’m both: I like to be spontaneous and free but I also like planning and a bit stability (does anyone get me? 🙂 ) I don’t know why but I thought there are only these two options: traveling short term (& adoing many trips) or finding a flat somewhere in a cool location, where it feels like holidays (e.g. Mallorca).

BUT: I forgot that there are MANY many more options. Actually unlimited ones. (Having maybe two or three home bases all over the world seems like a great idea for me now.)

The opportunities are endless

So yesterday I had the realization that right now I think it’s best for me to go somewhere, maybe buy a one-way-ticket and just stay as long as I want. This is what I LOVE and what freedom looks to me.

If I booked a trip for only five days, I would be so sad when it’s over and I would constantly feel this time pressure while being there. And also if I booked some weeks, it would freak me out (a little) to know exactly when I would have to fly back. (What if I wanted to stay longer or return earlier?)

I have a feeling that things will get clearer in fall. Right now I have some trips coming up where I’m super super excited for: Toronto and Milan, see ya soon! 😀 And who knows, maybe I change my mind again. But right now I can really see myself staying somewhere longer. Maybe two months or more. I’ve seen some places in this beautiful world and there is still so much to discover but somehow our heart and soul always come back to certain places, don’t they?

Years ago, when I was still in high school, Bali was on the top of my bucket list goals. To be honest right now: I don’t feel the urge to go there. Something just does’t feel right. Asia in general is not calling me at the moment.

Hawaii, LA and where else I could see myself

I LOVE love Spain and I could really imagine going there again (Mallorca, my second – or third 😛 home, I love you). And also Brazil is calling me (always has but never went there). But what I’m most thinking about right now is North America and Hawaii.

Maybe I lived there in a past life because always when I’ve been to North America (especially Los Angeles) I felt a feeling of coming home. The City of Angels has such a special energy and years before I went there for the first time, I was craving this city SO MUCH. Always have.

Whenever I feel see pictures, hear songs about it or receive other signs, I feel nostalgic. Right now I couldn’t imagine living there full time but there is definitely always something that brings me back there.

And although I haven’t been to Hawaii, my heart and soul is craving this island too. (I have some preferences on which one but in general I’m craving Hawaii). My visions of being on this island have been so strong lately. And as I’ve been diving deeper into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work lately I know how to draw the events (my visions) back to me. I know that this vision will come true. Let God/the universe decide when and how.

Happiest times in Mallorca

There’s some magic in Mallorca – that’s undeniable. Okay, “some” is actually underrated. There’s A LOT magic happening there. It’s just a high vibe island and you will its power too when you’re there.

As I felt a little bit frustrated while being in Germany (a part of my ego believed I’m stuck here, but then I reminded myself that I’m the creator of my life and can create and go anywhere I want), I looked back at my travel photos from Mallorca last year. (I lived there for 5 months and it was just the best time ever.) I realized how genuinely happy I was. Pure satisfaction and bliss.

But it was me who created these circumstances. So when I want to feel that bliss again, I can decide to pack my bags and go abroad again. I realized that I’m always the happiest version of me when I’m traveling (or being somewhere abroad) – no wonder as a double Sagittarius. 😉

happy me in Mallorca – almost got no pic where I’m not smiling

So long story short: It’s almost the end of August now and my time in Germany to stay here long term has come to an end. I can feel it. I still don’t know where I end up but that’s also the magic about it: Being open to new things and places and knowing I’m guided to make the right decisions. One thing is clear: I will always follow my heart. Always have and always will be.

And because my intuition said (loudly!) I should go to Toronto early September (yes, also the timing was very specific in my visions) I follow this voice. When anything is uncertain, everything is possible. This last part is also my motto for the year: Everything is possible.

And as Dr. Joe Dispenza would say it:

The unknown is unfamiliar, uncertain – but exciting because it occurs in ways you cannot expect or anticipate. You’re in the unknown. And from the unknown all things are created. You are in the quantum field.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Now my incense stick also burned down and I think it’s time to end this blog post. It’s longer than I thought it would be but sometimes it feels better to write it all down and publish it instead of just writing into in my journal.

Maybe some of you can relate to any part.

I’d love to exchange with you in the comments.

Sending you much love and light,


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