Thoughts about Milan Fashion Week 2022 – Full of creative people and inspiration

Milan Fashion Week 2022

Milan Fashion Week – Day 1

We’re not officially invited to the shows (still woking on it / manifesting) but nevertheless, we LOVE to be here when this city has this special vibe! And with „we“ I mean my mom and me. Our vacation has now officially started. First Milan, then heading to an even sunnier place soon. 😏🇮🇹

Today I realized again, how MUCH I love this buzzing city vibe! ✨ (I know I love both – nature and big cities) but right now it’s the city life for me! I just came back from Toronto a couple of days ago and now I’m here in the metropolitan city Milan. It feels so great and so right to be here. This city is feels so light and so aligned right now. I also realized again that I LOVE content creation. I LOVE to be at places where something is happening. Events, international people and creative souls. 🎥 It feels like the whole WORLD is gathered here: International celebrities, super models, photographers, bloggers… I can feel opportunities everywhere! 😊

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. ✨💛✨

What are your preferences? Do you rather stay in a quiet place in nature or somewhere in a big city where events and international people are? 🏔🏙

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