Meus favoritos: February

Better late than never. Maybe it’s because of the fact that February was a really short month and my body clock tells me it’s not March yet. This month I have more categories than usual, so have fun reading about my favorites in  the categories music, city, DIY idea, book, purchase and style.


In February I heard no song more often than “Loka” by the Brazilian singers Simone & Simaria (feat. Anitta). In my opinion it’s such a catchy song and if you listen to it once, you’ll want to listen to it every day. Basically it’s about a girl that has been disappointed by a guy and her friends tell her to go out and enjoy the night to forget him. Click here to have a quick listen.


In February I traveled to Porto, Portugal. I haven’t had any picture of this city in my mind and I thought it wasn’t something special but I was totally wrong. I really underestimated this beautiful city on the Atlantic. Whereas in Germany the weather was very rainy and cold, in Porto I could wear a T-Shirt and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather at the beach or riverside. In the near future, I will definitely post some pictures of this wonderful city. Meanwhile you can check some photos of Porto on my instagram account.

DIY idea

A great, healthy and vegan snack are energy balls. They are really easy to make and you can refine the taste with the kind of flavors you like for example cocoa, matcha or coconut. I will post a recipe very soon.


I always walked by it when I saw this book in a book store. Nevertheless, I didn’t buy it. Maybe because I had too many books at home that had to be read or maybe because I wasn’t ready for it. I don’t know. Last week I finally decided to buy it and I have to admit it wasn’t a mispurchase at all. Until now, I have read the first couple chapters and I totally love it. The author Maike van den Boom wants find out in which countries live the happiest people and why. She begins her journey and visits 13 different countries and talks with locals, happiness researchers, correspondents and German expats. Even on the first few pages I read lots of advice that help to become a happier person.


Early February I bought this cute little backpack at Zara. It has the perfect size for a city trip and it’s big enough for all essential things you need: wallet, camera, small technical equipment, watter bottle and other small things like tissues or lipbalm. It looks super stylish and totally reminds me of summer.


First I thought it’s in need of getting used to but now I like it: this vintage jeans style inspired by the 80s/90s. If you combine it with a simple t-shirt stuck in your pants it will look amazing.

Do you have favorites in February? Let me know in the comments!

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