Meus favoritos: May

Actually I wanted to post more travel articles in May since my exams are now over and I hoped to find more time. Nevertheless, I was in such a hurry (because I traveled so much and had a lot of organizational stuff to do) that I didn’t find the time to publish or write articles. I apologize for being so inactive and hope to find more time in the upcoming weeks.
Here are my favorite moments of May.

End of studying

After more than a month of studying for exams, I was finally released on 12th May and my life could continue. Of course, we had to celebrate this. Even weeks ago, me and a friend of mine planned to click some glasses with sparkling wine and go to IKEA afterwards. No sooner said than done. The weather was pretty nice – lovely 23 degrees and sunshine. We bought a couch, managed to pack it in a Mini Cooper and carried the separate parts up several floors. Afterwards we ran in the pouring (summer-) rain to get some food. What a perfect day, in retrospect.

Street Food Festival Cologne

On May 13th, I visited with my family the street food festiaval in Cologne. I always love to try new food, especially from different cultures. I tried a vegan Isreali dish called Manakish which was good although it could have been a bit more spiced. It was clear from the outset that I had to stop at the frozen yogurt booth which didn’t disappoint me – such an addiction.


After we finished our exams, the second part of May consisted mainly of traveling. Firstly, my friend and I went to Rome and afterwards to Barcelona. Inbetween we made a quick stop in Luxembourg – and drove through Belgium which are summed up five countries (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain) in just one week. Not bad.
There will be extra posts about these travels but in this post I want to focus on some small moments that I’m grateful for and are therefore my favorites of May.

Eating sushi with a view

A couple hours before our flight to Rome we bought (vegetarian, duh) sushi and enjoyed it in a park with a great view of the city of Luxembourg. We sat on a stone bench, talked, took pictures, enjoyed our food and felt anticipation about our upcoming travels. Because as it is said: “Happiness is planning our next trip”.

Watching the sunset out of the plane

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for photos. I try to capture every moment, just as a memory. Being in a plane it’s not different at all. People could think it’s my first flight ever because I’m always happy and smiling like a little child and taking photos every couple of minutes. Not short until before we landed at Fiumicino Airport in Rome we saw a nice sunset. The sky changed its color in a beautiful orange and the sun reflected on the water. I was so thankful to experience this moment and so grateful to see this natural phenomenon out of an airplane. People who are afraid of flying are missing something.

Having breakfast at the Trevi Fountain

Our bed and breakfast in Rome served a good and sufficient breakfast but breakfast lovers as we are weren’t satisfied 100%. On our way to the city we walked across a cute bakery (with a looot of pastries) and therefore we decided to buy some food on our own and enjoy it elsewhere but in our room. It was relatively early in the morning (9am though) which means the tourist attractions were not fully crowded. Feeling the sunshine on our shoulders and crystal clear water of the fountain to look at, you could definitely say that this was #breakfastgoals.

Chilling at the hotel roof top pool

I’ve never stayed in a hotel with a rooftop pool with a view over a great city. Either it was always crowded, there were lots of kids jumping around, it was winter or the view wasn’t great. This time we were lucky. The pool was on the 6th floor (and the hotel was located on a hill anyway) which means the view was pretty amazing. It was a simple and rather smaller pool but sufficient for sure. Additionally, it was very quite, no noisy tourists or screaming kids. Almost everyday during our stay we went there to chill out a bit. Reading, gossiping with your friend, feeling the evening sun on your shoulders (and enjoying the view) was amazing.

Watching the sunset at the Bunkers Del Carmel

So many people recommended “The Bunkers del Carmel” when going to Barcelona. Of course we followed their advice and went there. At first, we weren’t sure at which stop we had  to leave the bus and I worried about arriving when it’s already dusk but as it turned out we arrived at the perfect time and saw the sun setting behind the hills. The sky changed its color from blue to a mixture of pink, yellow, orange, purple and light blue. None of our cameras could capture those great colors but I hope to keep this memory in my heart forever. Even though I’ve never been to Rio de Janeiro I felt like I was there. I don’t know exactly why but the view, the mountains, the sunset and the atmosphre made me feel so. I was happy.




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