#coffee thoughts 1 – Ciao Ragazzi


Welcome to #coffee thoughts episode 1

In this series of blogposts you will find a collection of different stories, mostly when visiting cafés. As you might know I am a passionate coffee lover and café visitor. The smell of a fresh cappuccino always makes my heart jump a little faster. And a café is just the best place to be inspired. You always catch interesting conversations or people. Local people or international ones.
For me it’s just the perfect environment to gather ideas and create.

So be excited for stories of other visitors, funny conversations or thought-provoking impulses. You will also find more personal stories like topics you would discuss with your best friend, stories that make you reflect or might touch your heart. So basically just everything you would also witness in a café.


“Ciao Ragazzi”,

a young man enters the café and orders a filter coffee. He says he just came back from Rome last night. Oh, Italy… the land of good coffee. He talks with the barista about Italy’s coffee prizes and the fact that in Italy an Espresso doesn’t cost more than one euro. It’s an unwritten law there, otherwise they boycott this café. In Germany however, an Espresso usually costs 1,80€ – and we don’t complain. (We should definitely take a leaf out of their book).

I feel set back to my trip to Italy back in September. Me and my friend ordered a coffee every day. We didn’t look for fancy cafés, we just went with the flow and the good cafés found their way to us. Okay, basically there are good cafés everywhere – with incredible amazing coffee. And it’s so cheap. And every single café we went to had soy milk. When you’re in Germany and you’re visiting a “normal” (no hipster) café, people always look perplexedly at you when you want to order with plant-based milk. In Italy it’s commonplace. And another advantage it usually doesn’t cost one cent more. Sometimes, but only sometimes, it’s about 10 cents more expensive. So dear German cafés: please, please become like the ones in Italy.

Ciao, Sabrina


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