19 moments of 2019

19 moments of 2019_malibu ocean

In this blog post I want to show you a little recap of the year 2019. It’s hard to choose only 19 moments but here we go. #1  Visiting the SuperCandy Museum with my friend Sabrina Me and my friend Sabrina visited this museum in February which seems so far away now. I really think […]

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Berlin coffee guide

Berlin Coffee guide header

Berlin is a little coffee paradise. There are so many cute and hip cafés, it would take months to try them all out. Whenever I Berlin I always make sure to try new ones. Some however were so good that I visited them again. In this little Berlin coffee guide I want to show you […]

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A Law of Attraction Manifestation Story: Attracting two coffee stamps


The universe is always listening to you. What you send out, you get back. It’s that simple. It works every time. If we believe it or not. BUT: you have to be specific. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Oftentimes however, we wish for things without knowing it. We wish unintentional. We think thoughts and send […]

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#coffeetalks1 Ciao Ragazzi


Welcome to #coffeetalks episode 1 In this series of blogposts you will find a collection of different stories, mostly when visiting cafés. As you might know I am a passionate coffee lover and café visitor. The smell of a fresh cappuccino always makes my heart jump a little faster. And a café is just the […]

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Meus favoritos: April

April is over and I hope your month was good. Mine consisted half of studying and half of fun activities. It was the first month this year in which I didn’t travel. Actually it was my intention to make a journey every month even if it’s a small one. I kind of missed exploring but […]

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Meus favoritos: March

I can’t say yet if “meus favoritos” will change in the long term but for now there will be some changes. Especially this month I realized that moments count more than material things. It doesn’t mean I didn’t buy anything this month but that I want to focus more on immaterial stuff. These are the […]

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Meus favoritos: January

January is over which means 1/12 of 2017 has passed. I hope you all had a great start, enjoyed it and worked on your goals. For me, 2017 has been good so far and I hope to keep all the good energy and positive thinking. This month I’m showing you my favorites in the categories […]

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