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Berlin is a little coffee paradise. There are so many cute and hip cafés, it would take months to try them all out. Whenever I Berlin I always make sure to try new ones. Some however were so good that I visited them again. In this little Berlin coffee guide I want to show you my favorite ones. Enjoy!

#1 Café Krone

Café Krone Berlin coffee guide

Café Krone is one of my favorite cafés in Berlin, especially because of the location. It’s located in the hip and modern district Prenzlauer Berg, right next to the Mauerpark. You can sit inside as well as outside on the patio with a beautiful view on the street and its houses. They serve sandwiches, bowls and pancakes as well as vegan options like scrambled tofu and avocado bread. I only went there for coffee which tasted pretty good.
For your orientation: a cappuccino costs 3€, a latte macchiato 3,40€, soy milk 0,30€ and oat milk 0,50€.
Fun fact: I like to think back visiting Café Krone because I booked my trip to Italy there.

Oderberger Straße 38
10435 Berlin


#2 The Visit – Kaiserhöfe

The Visit Kaiserhöfe Berlin coffee guide

The Visit Coffee is a real insider tip – at least their location in Berlin-Mitte next to the famous street “Unter den Linden”. It’s located in the midst of the building complex “Kaiserhöfe” and at first a bit hard to find. You can inside on the ground floor or on their gallery on the first floor which is a more quieter space. There you have a huge table to work with your laptop (wi-fi is available) and have a great view over the café and the counter. The cappuccino tastes very good (!) and their banana bread as well. If you’re looking for a quiet café with amazing coffee which is centrally located, definitely check this one out.

Mittelstraße 51
10117 Berlin

#3 The Visit Coffee Roastery – Neukölln

The Visit Neukölln Berlin coffee guide

Another location of the café The Visit is in Berlin-Neukölln. It’s their original place where their coffee is also roasted. It’s a bit hidden since you first have to enter a little backyard. Although the neighborhood is not the prettiest one, I bet you will feel comfortable nevertheless because of its quiet yard. You can sit outside as well as inside where it’s bright, welcoming and modern. I tried out their cappuccino with oat milk which I can totally recommend.

Adalbertstraße 9
10999 Berlin


#4 Nothaft Seidel

Nothaft Seidel Café Berlin coffee guide

The café Nothaft Seidel is also located in the district Prenzlauer Berg on the main street Schönhauser Allee. They serve coffee as well as homemade cakes, sandwiches and smoothies. You can either sit outside (which might be a bit loud due to the traffic) or inside. In the café you have the choice between sitting next to the counter in a small corner or in a backroom with seats and tables to work with your laptop. Plus: they have wi-fi. Disadvantage: to be honest the coffee wasn’t one of the best ones I had but nevertheless it was good (it was not that “thick” as I’m used to, a bit more watery).

Schönhauser Allee 43a
10435 Berlin

#5 The Yoga Café

Yoga Café Berlin coffee guide

The Yoga Café is centrally located in the district Prenzlauer Berg and a perfect place for people that love living a mindful life. The owner Diana followed her heart and realized her dream with this café after traveling and working in Australia and Sri Lanka. To live a holistically good life nutrition plays a big role as well as a balanced mind. That’s why they offer vegan, vegetarian, raw and gluten-free options and offer yoga classes and workshops. The atmosphere is welcoming and it’s bright and friendly in the inside. The staff is super friendly, wi-fi is available and the furniture is wanderlust-inspired (look at the huge world map). You can sit inside as well as outside on benches with pillows.

Gleimstr. 40
10437 Berlin


#6 What do you fancy love

What do you fancy love Café Berlin coffee guide

“What do you fancy love?” has two locations in Berlin, I visited the one which is centrally located near the famous main shopping street Kurfürstendamm. I only had a cappuccino and as far as I can remember it was pretty good. The specialty about the café is definitely its furniture. As some would call it it’s a typical “Insta café”. I guarantee you that you can take beautiful photos especially in front of their wall which is decorated with colorful posters and magazine excerpts. They serve everything “fancy” and healthy from avocado bagels and cakes to ginger shots and healthy smoothies.

Knesebeckstr. 68/69
10623 Berlin


#7 Cookies & Co

Cookies and Co Café Berlin coffee guide

Cookies & Co is a cute family café, also in the district Prenzlauer Berg. I discovered the café when I was shooting an image film for university and eventually chose this one. As the name says it they serve cookies – basically in all kinds of flavors. I’m not sure if some cookies are vegan, but there are also vegan options in this café. The founders Mira and Ori see their café as a product of love between “an experienced pastry chef and a financial analyst with a long life passion for coffee”. They also pay attention to sustainability by supporting cacao farmers in South Americaand their water “Viva con Agua” supports projects in South Africa. Wi-fi is available.

Senefelderstraße 4
10437 Berlin

#8 Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee Café Berlin coffee guide

I only made a quick coffee stop at Distrikt but I have very good memories about it and like to come back. Distrikt coffee is located in Berlin-Mitte. You can sit inside as well as outside, surrounded by beautiful houses. I only had a coffee but the photos of the food look very good so I recommend you to try it out if you’re there. They serve smoothie bowls, avocado toasts, cakes, pancakes and more so it’s definitely recommendable for having breakfast.

Bergstraße 68
10115 Berlin


I hope you enjoyed my Berlin coffee guide and got to know some new cafés. Maybe you even know some of them above. If so, tell me which. And if you have more café recommendations, feel free to comment below.

Lots of love and light ✨




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