Being over a person or situation – when the universe gives you a test

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When something doesn’t trigger you anymore, you’re definitely over it. No matter if it’s a person, a situation or a feeling.

Sometimes, we want to let got of certain people in our life. We can push this person to the back of our mind and think we’re over him (or her) but when we see them again, we might backslide and the same feelings come up again. (Although we were sure it doesn’t affect us anymore). The same is true for certain situations or events. When we have a bad memory of an event or an evening or something like that, we decide to let go of it.
Then, out of nowhere it can happen that we encounter a situation that reminds us of this past situation. It can be a feeling, a smell or maybe something visual. We thought we let go of this past event but suddenly all the old feelings and patterns come up again. This is definitely a sign that you have still some inner work to do and haven’t let go of it completely.

When the universe gives us a test

Sometimes the universe even gives us a little test or challenge to see if we can withstand to what we said and if we stick to our words. When we get our old feelings and emotions back it means that we’re not over it. When we’re confident and these situations don’t affect us anymore, we’re over it.

Personal example

To give you an example (because sometimes I feel it’s better for me to “write it out” to process it all better): So recently I walked down the street and saw a person I once had feelings for. Some time ago, I came to the conclusion that it’s better to end this chapter and I mentally detached from this person which was a good idea. However, often it’s easier said than done and sometimes when we come in contact with this person again, our feelings might come back – no matter who many times you said before that you’re over him (or her).

So I really think this was a test from the universe to see if I stick to my decision.
And I passed the test. Yay. This person didn’t make me feel anything. I felt so relieved that I’m now 100% over this person and no feelings we’re evoked anymore. (However, I guess that this person didn’t notice me anyway because it was dark outside. But all the better. Haha) So I’m really really thankful for having had the opportunity to see him again, just to look what it does to my feelings. As I said I wasn’t triggered anymore and I can now confidently say that I’m over this whole topic.

Did you experience a similar situation before where the universe gave you a test to proof whether you’re over a feeling or not?

I’m wishing you love and light,

2 thoughts on “Being over a person or situation – when the universe gives you a test

  1. Hi Sabrina! I’m glad you’re over that person. Nothing matches the relief of moving on and getting back your power which had been given by you to someone else! Keep sharing!


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