19 moments of 2019

19 moments of 2019_malibu ocean

In this blog post I want to show you a little recap of the year 2019. It’s hard to choose only 19 moments but here we go.

#1  Visiting the SuperCandy Museum with my friend Sabrina

supercandy museum_confetti

Me and my friend Sabrina visited this museum in February which seems so far away now. I really think this was last year. First I didn’t know if this museum was too hyped because so many Instagramers went there but we tried it out and took some Instagrammable shots too – and had fun as you can see in the photo above.

#2 Instant connection in Sevilla

sevilla plaza de espana

In Sevilla I found a van that sold hand made necklaces of crystals. I started a conversation with one of the owners and I felt at peace, comfortable and welcome right away. Me and the girl who sold the crystal had this instant connection and I really think our souls have known each other for a longer time. I can’t wait to meet these people again some time.

#3 Trip to Algarve

Algarve beach cliff

I’ve never been at the Algarve before, so me and my friend Sabrina decided to spend one week in sunny Portugal. It was in early March so the weather was still mixed but nevertheless we enjoyed some great days. Our home town was Olhão but we made trips to many other cities as well, such as Faro, Lagos or Albufeira. There we also met with Venessa (@vanniyama) for a coffee/orange  juice. I already knew her from Instagram and we were so happy to meet for a drink in the sun. We had such lovely conversations about life, yoga, traveling and our future plans. Were were living the Algarve-pre-summer-hippie-life. I could really feel it.  I’m definitely planning to publish an Algarve travel guide next year.

#4 Cologne Coffee Tour

cologne coffee tour

When you know me well, you know that I love coffee and its taste so much. In spring this year there was an event called Cologne Coffee Tour in my favorite city Cologne where several cafés took part in. Every café offered something special. At this day me and a friend went from café to café and enjoyed Cologne’s variety of coffees.

#5 Vegan Meetups in Cologne

vegan meetups Cologne food buffet

Last year I went to my first vegan picnic in Cologne and I was amazed and felt super thankful for all the people I met (and all the food I ate). This year I went to several other meetups too, most of them in Cologne, some in Bonn – and had the best time. I’m always feeling so full of energy and inspired after spending time with like-minded people and lovely souls.

#6 1st June – I moved to Cologne

moving to cologne

Again, my stay in Cologne was only temporary but I found a flat in Cologne – my favorite German city – for three months. I had the best time there, met a lot of interesting people, spent a lot of time driving e-scooter, drinking coffee, doing sports and enjoying time in the sun.

#7 Summer in Cologne = meet up time

sunset cologne meetup

Whether it was a vegan birthday picnic in the park, an outdoor yoga festival, meetings with like-minded souls and having good and conversations, listening to live music, hosting my own meet-up with a friend, outdoor cinema or music festival in the park at the “Aachener Weiher” – this summer I experienced plenty of these gatherings, made wonderful human connections and just had a very good time which was pure bliss for my soul.

#8 House of Hollywood Event

house of hollywood event

This event didn’t take place in Hollywood but at least felt as if – especially because of all the decoration like a photo wall or a red carpet. In April the course “event management and entertainment” of my university had their final project and this year it was a Hollywood event. Besides the decoration and the games we played it was a fun evening mainly because of my favorite friends I went with.

#9 Hiking and meditating in the Hollywood Hills

hollywood hills meditation

It was the fourth time that me and my dad went to Los Angeles together. Even though we already knew the city, we spent some lovely days in sunny California. One of the best memories I have from this trip is when we were hiking in the hills, feeling the hot California sun on our skin, enjoying the view and making a little rest to charge at top of the hills. What a blissful moment and memory. I could really breathe in freedom, happiness, joy and gratitude.

#10 University Graduation

university graduation

Sometimes I still can’t believe it but university is over now. Three years of studying and great memories lay behind me. On the one hand it’s kind of sad because I really liked going to university and study with my friends, on the other hand life goes on and new experiences are waiting for me.

#11 Coffee, coffee, coffee

cologne coffee

I can’t say how many times I went in a café this year, I better do not count. I met with old friends, new friends, family and went alone. I had lovely conversations, worked there on my laptop,  journaled and read. I drank cappuccinos, iced-lattes, dirty chai lattes and ate cakes of all kinds. I tried many cafés but eventually stuck to my fave café in Cologne where I wasn’t disappointed once.

#12 Doing a photoshooting with Christina Spörer in Cologne

Yoga photoshoot Aachener Weiher Cologne

Me and @christinaspoerer already contacted each other on Instagram but now we finally met in real life in Cologne. We took some photos in a cool vegan food location, then in a café and finally in the park to take some yoga photos. It was so much fun, we bonded instantly and the photos turned out so nicely. I can’t wait to see her again (somewhere on Earth, because she’s a digital nomad too).

#13  Amsterdam Coffee Festival

amsterdam coffee festival

Just as in 2017, this year me and my friend Sabrina attended the Amsterdam coffee festival. We tried different coffees and enjoyed our day in the Dutch city.

#14 Discovering Bonn

coffee in Bonn

This year I went many times to Bonn. In April I went there the first time but the weather wasn’t that good and I didn’t like it very much. Later that year I met my friend Antonia, who was living in Bonn at this time, and she showed me some hidden places and beautiful corners of the city. I then saw Bonn from a totally different perspective and began to like it. I discovered many beautiful cafés and ate a lot of delicious snacks, such as this chocolate brownie with peanut butter you can see in the photo above.

#15 Discovering a delicious Vietnamese restaurant in Cologne

vegan Vietnamese food Cologne

This summer I discovered a super delicious vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant in Cologne. It became my favorite restaurant in an instant and I went there so often when friends or family visited me. I’m having so many good memories of this place. Not only because of the food, but also because of the people I went there with.

#16 Driving e-scooter (and feeling free)

e-scooter summer cologne

The first time I tried out an e-scooter was in Faro earlier this year. I already saw them during my trip to Barcelona in 2018 and now they’re available in Germany too. Whenever possible I used an e-scooter to get around  in my city Cologne. I drove alone or together with friends, in the park or to my favorite café. Or even way after midnight form the outdoor cinema back home when there was no bus available anymore. I even used one to drive to my last oral presentation of university. Why taking the bus with stuffy air when you can take an e-scooter instead?

#17  Being interviewed in Berlin

Zoo palast Berlin

When I was in Berlin in October this year, me and my friend Sabrina went to see the movie “Das pefekte Geheimnis” in the cinema “Zoo Palast”. The atmosphere there was so special. People dressed up and drank Aperol Spritz before the show. Such a special feeling. When we came out of the hall, there were people with cameras that were looking for volunteers to answer some questions about the movie and share their opinion. Me and my friend said yes and we were asked by the film company Constantin film about the movie we watched. They told us this clip will be used for all their social media channels – I can’t wait for the result. I realized again how much the film industry fascinates me and I could really imagine working in this industry too. It was such a cool evening and on top with this great interview, a very special memory.

#18 Visiting Hamburg and going to see The Lion King musical

musical ship Hamburg The Lion King

This summer I went (after years) to Hamburg with my family. We visited our family’s friends, explored the city and I also got to see a friend of mine. On the last day our dad surprised us with visiting the musical The Lion King. It was so beautiful and exciting to see. However I couldn’t concentrate that much due to some personal circumstances in my life. Before the musical’s break they played the song “Hakuna Matata” which is “a phrase meaning ‘no worries fir the rest of your days’, a problem-free philosophy”. I thought this is now my sign and I just have to let go of all the personal drama that I’m dealing with at the moment (@sabrinabcks you know, haha). I only have time and space for the people that are good to me and I trust that the universe protects me and I’m always on the right path. After the break I felt so much freer and could fully focus on the musical and the beautiful songs.

#19 Working as a movie extra

movie extra in Liege, Belgium

It has always been a dream of mine to work as an extra in a movie or TV show. This idea has stuck in my mind for years and I always thought it’s not that easy to make it true. But why? This year I finally took action and I applied for being an extra. It wasn’t difficult at all to get a job and I asked myself why I haven’t done it earlier. It was much fun, I met many interesting people and enjoyed it a lot. (Although waiting on set is part of the job as an extra, too).


Oh boy, these were 19 of my favorite moments. The list could go on and I could definitely add many more events. For example I went to Brussels and to Berlin, met with friends to cook a Brazilian dinner, went to beautiful Kundalini meditations, attended a yin yoga circle, did some spiritual practices, met with a friend in California and walked a along the beach while having beautiful conversations and laughing a lot.

Now it’s time to close this chapter and prepare for a new year, full of possibilities and magic. I can’t wait what 2020 has in store for us. I think it’s gonna be magical. Love this next decade already so much.
If you want to, feel free to share some moments that made your 2019 special.
I’m looking forward to read it.
I’m wishing you all the best for the upcoming year.

Love and light

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