Best cafés in Barcelona: my top 5 coffee shops


Maybe you plan your next city trip to Barcelona or you just moved there and want to discover the best cafés in the area. This blog post might help you.

 I’m showing you my top 5 cafés in Barcelona

When I define a café as a ‘good café’ it has to meet several requirements. Not only the coffee has to be good (obviously) but also the interior, WiFi to work or study and of course vegan options. I will describe the cafés according to their coffee, internet access, overall atmosphere and some additional info, which varies depending on the different cafés, I also give them a ranking so you can compare them better.


#1 Bohl – inspiring working atmosphere

I was recommend to try out this café because it’s good for working. So I went there and liked it immediately. During the time I spent in Barcelona I mainly went for a coffee (or matcha latte) to Bohl and work from there. Besides coffee (and juices) they offer an amazing variety of vegetarian food, almost everything is vegan. So definitely try it out when you’re there.


Their coffee is good however I prefer drinking a delicious matcha latte when I’m going there (which is even better in my opinion). They’ve got a variety of plant based milk options, starting from coconut milk over to rice milk to oat milk and much more.



The internet connection at Bohl is uncomplicated and works fast. The time is not limited so it’s no problem working for several hours on your projects. Multiple outlets are available, so don’t worry about your computer or phone running out of battery.


Bohl is bright from the inside: huge windows and bright colors. For me it’s definitely #interiorgoals. Besides large tables on the ground floor, you can also sit on cushions on the stairs or at tables on their first floor (actually it looks like a giant single room, not two floors as this might sounded). Bohl’s location is definitely instagrammable. That’s why I took some photos of this loving atmosphere as you can see in the photo below.


Additional info

The stuff is super super friendly and I always felt welcome there. Moreover, it’s not unlikely that you encounter some bloggers since this café is a really hotspot. The prizes are very human and you’ll be satisfied with what you’re getting. I can also recommend you trying out the bowls (e.g. the “warm cacao bohl” or “mom’s asian bohl”). Also, Bohl is located very close to the Arc de Triumf, so maybe you want to go for a little walk to see Barcelona’s beautiful attractions after you enjoyed your coffee or bowl there.

Address: Carrer de Trafalgar, 47, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

All in all rating: 5/5


#2 Espai Joliu  – where plants meet coffee


Espai Joliu is located in the district Poblenou. For all of you that love good coffee and plants this is definitely the place to be.


The coffee is very very good. When you think of a perfect cappuccino (according to taste, viscosity, milk foam) you will probably get your answer here. There are zero complaints, just try it out and let convince yourself.



Free internet is available, which makes it a perfect place to work or study. Some seats should be kept clear for people without laptops but there are many other seats where laptops are allowed.


Espai Joliu is a mix of a hip, cozy and artistic atmosphere. I would call it a place where ‘urban hippies’ will feel comfortable. When you enter the café you will come upon a large table with many plants, books and magazines (about coffee, lifestyle or ) which you can buy…. and the café  just has that certain something.


Additional info

I heard that it can get hard sometimes to find a free space since it’s often crowded but I haven’t experienced this. When a friend and I visited Espai Joliu around noon, most seats were free and you could easily work there. Also, the stuff was very friendly and I’m definitely coming back when I’ll be in Barcelona again.


Adress: Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

All in all rating: 5/5


#3 Black Remedy – good coffee in El Barri Gotic


Black Remedy is a hip café with specialty coffee in the beautiful Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. I discovered this café in 2017 and immediately came back to it when I visited Barcelona recently.


Their coffee tastes really really good. That’s all I can say. I always ordered a cappuccino and I wasn’t disappointed once. Such a good quality and it’s super creamy. Black Remedy offers different kinds of plant based milk so it’s definitely suitable for vegans.



Black Remedy has free wifi with a fast and easy connection. So it’s a perfect place to work on your projects. However, the access was limited to two hours.


Additional info

I like the coffee spot very much, not only because of their good coffee, also because of its location. Whether you are on a sightseeing trip in Barcelona or you come from your yoga class in El Barri Gotico, this café is a good choice. You can also sit down and watch people walking by – it never gets boring. They also offer some gluten free and vegan snacks. They play music in the background which creates a nice atmosphere when you meet with your friends for a coffee. However it could be a bit distracting when you want to focus on your work. But all in all it’s great choice to go there.

Address: Carrer de la Ciutat, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

All in all rating: 4/5

#4 Odacova Café – healthy food in Eixample


I didn’t go there to brunch (as most people suggest) but for another very special reason: blue spirulina latte. I saw one of their blue coffees on Instagram and I needed to check it our for myself. Recommendation: definitely try it.


As I said I’ve only tried the blue spirulina latte which I can surely recommend. The taste isn’t as strong as you would assume (considering it’s an alga) and it’s definitely cool for a photo. My friend however tried the cappuccino and said it was good.



Internet connection is available so it’s a great place to work on your computer. I haven’t used it since I was only visiting for a drink. So I don’t know if the time is limited or not.


Odacova is a very friendly café and bright from the inside. Many plants and a cozy design make you instantly feel comfortable. When I was visiting the café some people co-worked with their laptop so I think it’s a good place gather ideas for new projects or hold little team meetings.

Additional info

Definitely try out their blue spiraling latte – really delicious and definitely Instagram-worthy.

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 238, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

All in all rating: 4/5

#5 Nomad Coffee – specialty coffee for hipsters


Do you know what a perfect morning in Barcelona looks like for me? I can tell you: first yoga, then coffee. And that’s exactly what happened. When I was living in Barcelona I started my day with sunshine and a beautiful yoga flow in the Gothic Quarter. After that I made my way to Nomad Coffee to enjoy a delicious after-yoga-cappuccino. I took some time to journal and observed the people entering the café.


When you’re looking for a specialty coffee freshly roasted in Barcelona, Nomad coffee is definitely your choice. They offer different beans and a variety of coffee drinks. The baristas know what they do and seem highly professional.



Wi-Fi is not available.


Nomad Coffee is a very hip coffee shop which you will notice once you enter. Hip baristas, minimalistic furniture, clean and organized, without much decor or embellishments. You can sit at the counter or on a bench in the café. It’s rather small from the inside so maybe a coffee to go is a better option.

Additional info

Nomad coffee has several locations, I visited the one in El Born. It’s located in a cute passage, surrounded by old buildings and a lot of plants. At Nomad Coffee you pay cashless which I like very much.


Address: Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

All in all rating: 4/5


I’m curious to know if you have tried any of these cafés or which else I should add to this list (any recommendations are appreciated).
I know most of us are in a lockdown or at least self-quarantine condition now and cafés and restaurants are closed. But as soon as they’re open again, you know where you can go to.
Maybe you’re living in Barcelona or maybe you’re planning your next trip to the Catalan city. If you need any tips for more (vegan) food recommendations or tips about the city, feel free to ask me – either in the comments under this post or via DM on my Instagram @sabrinawoop.

I’m wishing you love and light,


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