Best cafés in Barcelona: my top 5 coffee shops


Maybe you plan your next city trip to Barcelona or you just moved there and want to discover the best cafés in the area. This blog post might help you.  I’m showing you my top 5 cafés in Barcelona When I define a café as a ‘good café’ it has to meet several requirements. Not […]

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Vegan food guide: Algarve & Sevilla

Vegan Algarve Food Guide Header

You’re about to visit the Algarve and you’re vegan and might fear that there are no places to eat? Well, then I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out the best vegan food spots at the Algarve (Portugal). Since we made also a day trip to Sevilla (Spain), I included this city too. I […]

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One weekend in Barcelona – a travel diary


Barcelona is a city that makes it easy to fall in love with. No matter if you’re staying two weeks or only two days, I guarantee that you will leave this city with a smile on your face and definitely want to come back. Even though I made this trip more than one year ago, […]

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