The key to manifesting (+ personal story)

manifestation story and tips

It took me years to find out what the key to manifesting it. When you’re into the topic of spirituality and manifestation you have probably heard about The Secret. 3 simple steps are required: Ask, believe and receive.

When you speak with coaches, many of them tell you to first release negative thinking patterns, resolve childhood wounds and make a lot of inner work.

But is there a time in your life when you feel “ready” to manifest?

Is there a strategy that works for all?

In my opinion, life is a journey and we won’t come to a point where everything is “done”. We’re always changing, always transforming.

So what is now the right way to manifest? Which kind of preparation do you need?

I read books about manifestation, watched videos and heard other people’s stories. And of course also made my own experiences. I used vision boards, scripting, affirmations and visualization.

And I made the experience that there is not one strategy that works for all of us. Because we are all unique. Some people are more auditory, others more audiovisual and others more visual (that’s what I am). So of course there are different techniques: vision boards, walking meditations or mirror work, just to name a few.

But what we all have in common is that we are feeling. We are sensitive and feeling beings. So this is what I found out is the key to manifesting: Feeling.

Feel it into reality

Feeling as if it is already there. Be certain that it’s there (although you don’t see it in your physical reality yet).

Create a picture in your mind and make it as real as possible. At some point, your brain can’t decide whether it’s “just” in your imagination or in “real” life. Hold onto that image.

Several times a day get back to that image – your desired outcome. And when your ego comes in your way and wants to make you think that it’s

A) impossible to reach or

B) only an illusion because it’s in your imagination

…then don’t listen to that voice. Because that is your old self. The more you are connected to your “future” self, the version of yourself that already has what you desire, more likely it is to attract it.

And here is the point: You don’t have to chase your desire. You don’t need to be in panic mode and want it so bad that you’re afraid you’re not getting it – that would be yourself in the 3D world. The world that you perceive with your five senses. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, you have to go beyond your senses. Believe your vision more than you believe your outer world.

I swear, this is how it works. Feeling and believing in your vision is the key.

And if somebody says “but you don’t have it right now” or “I can’t see it in your reality” – don’t believe them. Because then your ego can come in and it wants to make you believe them. Instead, accept their perception of reality but stick to the vision in your mind.

Trust your inner guiding system

I speak from experience: You will be divinely guided to your desired outcome. You’re co-creating with the universe (or whichever higher power you believe in). Your desire will find its way to you.


You will get impulses to go certain places or do certain things. Because then you are more connected to yourself, your higher self and the higher power of the universe/God. Follow your gut, your instinct, your intuition.

Don’t question why you get a sudden feeling to do this or that. Don’t doubt. Stay open and curious and KNOW that you are guided. Your desire wants you as strong enough as you want it.

My personal story

In August I made an – let’s call it – experiment. I had a vision for me for September. I wanted to see a specific person (a celebrity) and ask him a question that was in my mind for a long time. I wanted an answer and I thought why not ask him personally.

I used the whole month of August to prepare for this scenario. First I thought: Isn’t this a bit crazy, a bit too ambitious or to “unrealistic” for me? But that was the 3D version of me. I decided to not be led by doubt – but by my vision. Of course there were some days where I thought HOW can this really happen.

But here again: The HOW is not part of our plan. We let the universe/God decide HOW it works out. I know, you probably have read it in some books or watched it in videos about manifestation as well. But it’s true: Don’t think about the how. Only know the end result and what you want to feel.

So back to my story.

For about four weeks I visualized this scenario and day by day it got more realistic. I only told my family and maybe a few really close friends – I bet many people would have said that’s impossible.

I will shorten the story here a bit to come to the point. So early September I flew across the ocean to Canada (yes, my intuition told me I have to be there EALRY SEPTEMBER). My ego tried to find a way to make this scenario that I pictured in my mind possible but I had to remind myself again that the HOW is not my job. So I took a deep breath or two and surrendered.

I know that it will be a divine timing. So one day I was about to meet a friend but my intuition told me to go to a specific park. I sat down on a bench-like chair in that park and I swear – not three seconds later – this person walked by! I went to him, we introduced each other and I asked him my question that I had in mind.

First I was bit nervous because I realized this is actually my manifestation coming true. I was not nervous about meeting that person but because I realized that I am really the creator of my reality!

Everything aligned and this moment was one of the peak moments – the fruition of all my mental practice.

I hope this story inspired you to manifest EVERYTHING you want. Never think that something is too big or to impossible!

I mean I flew across the pond to ask a specific famous person about something that I had in my mind for so long. And I got an answer.

From this moment on I thought that I’m really powerful to create anything I want.

And so are you.

Wishing you love and light,


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