Thoughts about writing – Saturday, 19th November 2022 | Palma de Mallorca

What a perfect slow kind of a Saturday it has been. I showered, got ready, made one of my fave “milk shake” combinations (haven’t made it in a longer time, but LOVED it: just blending 1 banana, rice milk, some oats and a date (I used the big medjool date here) – et voilà). So delicious and so filling! 

Then I decided it’s a good day to vlog because today is the day the Christmas lights are being turned on in Palma. 

Now I’m sitting here in a cute café in Palma, organizing my own projects, my own creative ideas and getting some structure in. 

Writing is just a vessel for me to express myself, my personality, my dreams, goals and visions. It’s actually like breathing for me. I can’t without. Sometimes I spend hours in journaling in my physical notebook, sometimes – when it needs to be a bit faster, I choose my digital one here on my computer. The other day I thought why not bringing back these “old school” blog posts. Just writing what’s on my mind and publishing on my blog, maybe it helps or inspires other people as well.

So this is what I’m doing here with this. I’m not focusing on any specific goal with writing these posts but I feel this is what I need to do right now: Getting things off my chest and sometimes it fulfills me when I publish it online and share my thoughts with the world (my need to communicate and share is high – haha. For all the astrology lovers: My Mercury – the planet of communication – is in my first house

I guess this is just the “intro post” of many more to come.

Back when I published on my blog more regularly, I used to spend HOURS on blog posts, edited every photo, researched for hours and I wanted to make it perfect. I think at one point I lost my regular posting structure because it was just too much effort to squeeze it into my day. Now I think my posts don’t have to be perfect when I publish them. When I feel the urge to post something, I do it. Quick and dirty so to speak. So here we go. 

This was just a post about my thoughts while sitting here with my banana bread and chai latte with oat milk.

Here’s to many more to come!

Wishing you love and light, 


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