Shamanic breath work in Mallorca: My realizations

This morning I went to a beautiful shamanic breath work session here in Palma and I wanna share a little bit about it with you and the realizations I’ve had. 

Yes, I have my crystals, do my oracle cards, meditate and downloading information almost 24/7. 🔮

I would consider myself as really spiritual and conscious. 

But what does spirituality really mean? It’s so much more than these “rituals” listed above. For everyone spirituality might look different. And in the end I think it’s being conscious and have a heart full of love. Only wearing a crystal necklace doesn’t make us a spiritual person. It’s shown in our daily habits, the way we behave, treat and talk to people, and ourselves. 

I realized that especially in the last few months (or maybe year) one part of “my” spirituality was missing: community. ✨

Creating a space with other people, souls. 👁 

When I was on this “day retreat” today, I thought this is what I need to do more often. 

For me, spirituality is also a lot about community. 

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting here at one of my absolute favorite places in Palma, being recharged by the beautiful December sun ☀️🌴 

(As a Sagittarius and sun lover, this is the perfect combination! 😁) ♐️ 

My soul feels so calm and I feel that my inner system is processing all that happened in today’s session. I don’t feel like journaling that much, I just wrote down some bullet points and I let the energies sink in. ⚡️💭 (As a writer I almost 99% of the time carry a notebook with me but today I didn’t. 📖 So maybe my subconsciousness already knew that I don’t feel like writing a lot today and I left my notebook at home.) 

I got some visions during the session and I’m excited to see how this will turn out. I know that everything is always working out for me (and you!) so I can relax and trust life/the universe. 🌎 

Here’s another “crazy” thing I want to share with you: As a copywriter I write a lot of texts for spiritual clients. Just recently I wrote a text for a shaman and I wrote as a headline: “You want to deeply transform your life? Shamanism is the only solution.” Wow. I read and rewrote this headline so often. Then I stumbled upon this event I went to today. Then it became crystal clear: Of course I needed to go to this event today! Writing this headline was such a sign for me! Duh! 😄

And another crazy thing: When I was in Barcelona in 2020 I discovered a really nice beautiful little yoga studio. It was just one room, at the ground floor with a little „inside balcony“, a kind of a gallery on the first floor. I always wanted to go back there but recently I found out that they’re permanently closed. And you know what? The yoga studio from today reminded me SO MUCH of the one in Barcelona. I had such a flashback. ✨ So cute! Thank you for this magic, universe. 🌌 

This year comes to an end soon and I will be staying in Palma for two more weeks (at least for this year). Let’s see if I can make it to the yoga studio again and be surrounded by this beautiful energy there. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 

I wish you a beautiful Saturday! ✨✨

Full of magic, love and joy 🌈

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