Happy Sagittarius Season – Use this time to implement your dreams

I had a huge realization again: It really really is up to us whether we’re committed to turn our dreams into reality or not. There is no one that pushes us towards our own dreams. It’s our own commitment. There is no deadline. Then I was realizing there is one: Our own death. It may sound harsh but it’s the truth. When we want to accomplish something, we have to show up for ourselves, for our goals and our visions.  ✨✨

What are we afraid of? That it doesn’t work out? Or maybe it’s the other way round: That it does work out. That we indeed turn our wildest dreams into reality and experience it first hand… Maybe we are afraid of our own power? What if the end result doesn’t turn out as good as we expected? You never know if you never try. So get up now, stand up for yourself and do the things you REALLY want to do. The only competition is yourself. No one else is holding you back!!

Today it the first day Sagittarius season. Use this fiery, optimistic energy and S.T.A.R.T. Don’t longer “try” to make them happen, don’t “try” to implement new routines, don’t “try” to make your dreams come true. Do it, do it, do it! Because you have all the power. Use it! Because ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS POSSIBLE! Happy Sagittarius season!! ♐️♐️🔥🔥

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