Vegan food guide: Algarve & Sevilla

Vegan Algarve Food Guide Header

You’re about to visit the Algarve and you’re vegan and might fear that there are no places to eat? Well, then I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out the best vegan food spots at the Algarve (Portugal). Since we made also a day trip to Sevilla (Spain), I included this city too. I hope to inspire you by this vegan food guide about Portugal’s beautiful coastal region Algarve.

Mercado de Olhão

Mercado Municipal de Olhão
Avenida 5 de Outubro, 8700 306 Olhão


During our holidays, me and my friend stayed in the calm town Olhão. To be honest, it’s not the best city for fancy vegan cafés but they do have a market with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Since most of it is locally grown, the prices are very low. I definitely recommend going there, buy some fruits and enjoy them on a bench with a view of the harbor and ocean.

Gengibre E Canela (Faro)

Travessa da Mota 10
8000-463 Faro


Whenever you’re in Faro, make sure to go to Gengibre E Canela. This restaurant has a fantastic lunch buffet with slightly Indian inspired food. The dishes are all vegan (I’m not quite sure if they sometimes serve vegetarian as well) and they’re super delicious. We went there twice and always had a different food option: spaghetti with soya, gratin, lentil stew, rice, creamy vegetable soup or an Indian curry. They always offer different food options so I guess you’ll be satisfied. There’s also a salad bar with different kinds of salads and vegetables, as well as delicious sauces. You’ll definitely have to try their fresh squeezed juices: they offer three kinds of different juices, each of them consisting of three different fruits/vegetables. I tried the ginger and the pineapple one. The service is super friendly and courteous. The best thing: you can go to the buffet as much as you want and all in all it only costs 10€ per person (buffet and juice). Definitely go check it out. Another advantage of this restaurant: they play very relaxing music on the inside, so I guarantee you that you’ll be 100% relaxed after visiting the restaurant. A perfect spot to enjoy lunch.


Chelsea Coffee & Brunch (Faro)

Rua Dom Francisco Gomes 9
8000-283 Faro


As you might know, I’m a total coffee lover and always looking for cool coffee spots whenever I’m traveling. In Faro we found Chelsea Coffe & Brunch. They also offer sandwiches with gluten free bread and vegan cheese. However, they didn’t have it in stock when I was there so I couldn’t try it. Instead, I ordered a vegan cafe latte and a fruit bowl (which only costs 5,50€ – a dream compared to the prizes in Germany). The café offers many seats outside, as well as inside. Be sure to go deeper into the store to discover a lovely couch corner where you can perfectly enjoy your cup of coffee. We saw this spot too late and enjoyed our drinks in the front area of the restaurant (which wasn’t bad at all).

Mel & Limão (Faro)

Largo Pe da Cruz 25
8000-154 Faro

Mel E Limao Faro

Mel & Limão offers vegan dishes that differ daily. The ingredients are mostly organic and you feel that this restaurant is made with love. The stuff is super friendly and the atmosphere as well. The location of this vegan restaurant is super cozy, it’s located on the side of a square with a little water fountain. You can even buy some old books there or browse some magazines about vegan food while you’re waiting for your food.

Veggie Momi (Albufeira)

Rua Primeiro de Dezembro Porta 27 A
8200-172 Albufeira

Veggie Momi Albufeira_1

When you’re in Albufeira, you definitely have to visit the café Veggie Momi. It’s a small vegan café with homemade dishes. Although it’s not located in one of the main roads, it’s definitely worth a visit. Me and my friend ordered a cappuccino and two cakes. As far as I can remember, one of them was a banana peanut cake, the other one was a sugar free coconut cake. We also bought some pastries (banana bread and almond cake with a delicious filling) for the next day. I was so happy to have found a vegan café with such amazing food (and very pleasant prizes). During our stay, we talked with the owner Monica who is such a lovely person. She gave us some tips where to buy good vegan food and where to eat (she recommended us Mel & Limão) and me and my friend helped her a bit out with posting Instagram stories and tagging us on her posts. She stands up for animal rights which you can already tell by the many posters in her café. Meeting locals is so fun and I always learn something new. Make sure to visit Veggie Momi when you’re in the area. Greetings to you, Monica.

Veggie Momi Albufeira_2

Lalitana (Lagos)

Rua Gil Vicente 28
8600-596 Lagos

Lalitana Lagos_1

Lalitana is not only a vegan restaurant, but also a hotel, bed & breakfast and yoga and pilates center. Just as the moment I entered the restaurant, I felt a welcoming, lovely and yoga-spirited atmosphere. I immediately fell in love with the decor of this restaurant – as you can see on the photos, the main colors were pink and blue which created a feel-good-atmosphere. I ordered a homemade chai tea and a vegan coco gratin with cashew nuts. Although the portion was  not as big as expected, it was totally delicious and I can definitely recommend it. Visiting this restaurant made me feel so peaceful and relaxed. Definitely check this out if you’re in the region of Lagos.

Lalitana Lagos_2

Bar Ecologico Gaia (Sevilla)

Calle Luis de Vargas 4
41001 Sevilla

Gaia Vegan Restaurant Sevilla

During our day trip to Sevilla we found the vegetarian-vegan restaurant called Ecologic Gaia. We went there for lunch and I ordered a vegan burger with numeric. She portions were delicious and big enough to be full.

Torch Coffee Roasters (Sevilla)

Avenida Paseo de las Delicias 3
41001 Sevilla

Torch Coffee Roasters Sevilla

And again, visiting a cool café while traveling is a must, so we went to Torch Coffee Roasters – a roastery and café in the beautiful city Sevilla. Although the vegan sandwich wasn’t available anymore, they had several options of plant based milk and I ordered my cappuccino with oat milk. The coffee was really good (even with latte art – yay) and our desire for good and delicious coffee was satisfied. The atmosphere in the café was welcoming and hip, a place totally to recommend. If you’ll ever be in Sevilla, make sure to check out Torch.

Torch Coffee Roasters Sevilla

This was my vegan food guide for the Algarve and Sevilla. If you have been to any of those above, let me know your opinion in the comments. If you know more vegan food spots in these areas, write me a comment too, so I can check them out when I’ll be there the next time.

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