Recent manifestations and synchronicities + tips for alignment

manifestations and alignment_dubai

A few weeks ago I didn’t feel much aligned. There were so many things going on in my head, so much to do, a lot of things that didn’t bring me clarity. Over time I tried to sort out my mind, meditated more regularly and aligned with my soul. I tried to eat more consciously, be more in the present moment and calm my mind. After doing all these things more than a week or so, I began to feel a shift. Not a shift from one second to the other, but with time I experienced more synchronicities and I began to manifest again.

So here is a list of things I recently manifested:

Getting an iced cappuccino

The other day I was on my way to one of my favorite cafés in Cologne. It was a hot summer day and I thought about if they also serve iced cappuccinos because an iced latte was too big for me at this time. I somehow decided to order a normal hot cappuccino anyway. As I entered the café and placed my order, the barista asked if I want to have my cappuccino in an iced version. I began to smile and said I already thought about this a few minutes ago. Side note: it was a good choice and so delicious.

vegan iced cappuccino

Tea for free

Some days ago I attended a yoga day with a friend and we practiced five different yoga styles in three hours. This event was sponsored by one of my favorite tea brands. We had to bring our own cup and enjoyed a good hot tea. Me and my friend were the last persons to go home after the event. Actually for one reason: to see if we could take the remaining tea with us. We were lucky: there were many tea packages left and we could put together our own box with our favorite flavors. The funny thing is that it was Sunday and I actually wanted to buy tea anyway (it wasn’t possible because the stores were closed). So it suited perfectly.

Manifesting Italy

I definitely lost a part of my heart in Italy and want to return as soon as possible. Hopefully this summer. Ever since I made this decision to go back as soon as possible I encounter situations that remind me of Italy so often. One day I was entering a supermarket and they ran an advertisement about their Italian food week in the supermarket-radio. All I heard were conversations about pasta. When I entered a bus, the driver started talking Italian with a few passengers in the front and wished them a “buona giornata”. A few minutes later at a traffic light, I heard a family behind me starting to talk in Italian. A few days ago one of my friends told me about their travel destination for the summer. Guess where: Italy. So finger crossed for a trip to Italy this summer.

florence view

Attracting money

I know there’s a lot to do concerning my money mindset and I definitely have to feel good and blessed whenever I spend money. Money is a topic that a lot of people struggle with and I will write an extra blogpost about this in the near future. Money is nothing different than energy. When we want to attract more money we have to get to the same frequency of money. I use positive affirmations about money and I start to expect it. For our mind, it’s easier to expect small amounts of money than large numbers. But actually the universe doesn’t care. Each number is equally easy to attract. It’s up to us. In the last couple of days I’ve always found money while I was grocery shopping. Only a few cents but still. Also, the university where I’m working at asked me if I could do another task for them. Working more hours means earning more money. Additionally, my aunt transferred me some money for lunch. I really love to see how the universe puts people and situations together that help us to manifest our desires.

vegan picknick Bonn

Attracting like-minded people

In the last couple of weeks I again attracted so many like-minded people. Last year was an intense year too but this year has been on the same level. Whether through real-life connections as meet-ups or online-connections as on Instagram: it’s beautiful to see how many people are out there that are also interested in similar topics. I often feel that people who are interested in topics like yoga, mediation, veganism, consciousness or spirituality have a strong bond and can connect immediately. I’m so grateful for every connection I have in my life right now. Whether it’s a profound friendship, close acquaintances or a brief encounter. I’m so happy to know all of you. I’m also so excited about which relationships intensify, which might break and which new people will come into my life. Remember that every person you meet has to teach you something.


Do you often see consecutive numbers too? Well, this is what happens to all the time. No matter if it’s a license plate, my battery status or the clock. 111, 777, 999. It’s definitely not a coincidence. I rather see it as a sign of alignment. So whenever I see the same numbers, I know that I’m on the right track and I should continue listening to my intuition.

Manifesting travels

Traveling goes along with the point I mentioned above: money. When we want to travel, we need money. That’s no novelty. As I said I’m working on my money mindset because I have travel plans ahead (as always haha). On the one hand I like plans and things structured, on the other hand I like total freedom and spontaneity. I have rough travel plans but I’m also (a bit) open for changes. I won’t tell about my final plans yet but there were some situations where friends of mine asked me if they join them on their travels. One friend asked for my company to Bali, another one asked me to join her yoga retreat on Sri Lanka. Both are destinations that I want to visit but actually not this year. So let’s see where life takes me. All I can do is to trust.

Manifesting a song

Yesterday I went to a public singing evening in Cologne. Many people gathered to sing songs together. It didn’t matter if we could sing or not – it was just about the fun. Such a beautiful evening. For some days the song “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse has stuck in my head. When I arrived at the event yesterday, we were handed sheets with the songs we would sing that evening. And guess which song was on the list? Valerie! Fun fact: we also started singing this song first. Definitely not a coincidence.

tips to manifest

Following tips helped me to align and manifest my desires. Try them out and take them to heart on a daily basis:

  • Trusting that you are always taken care of.
  •  The universe has a plan for you: some things will happen, some things won’t. Trust that everything will work our for you in the best way possible.
  • However, remind yourself that you are the creator of your reality. Even though there might be a higher force that guides you, you have to take action and you create your reality with your thoughts and feelings.
  • We are all spiritual beings in human form. Don’t take life too seriously.
  • What flows, flows. Don’t force things.




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