How I manifested my dream apartment (+tips)

Cologne Apartment Manifestation

Due to my studies I commute between my hometown and Cologne. But last year I made the decision that I want to spend the full summer in my beloved city Cologne. To be honest I didn’t have the money to rent an apartment permanently so I tried to manifest an apartment for subletting.
Many people told me about the hard housing market but I didn’t get irritated by them. I was convinced I would find my perfect apartment.

My story

Time went by but I didn’t find any apartment for the time period I wanted to move there. I sometimes got worried but then I reminded myself that I’m taken care of and things will fall into place when they need to be. I trusted. Meanwhile my family and friends doubted even more and they said ‘time is short’. Instead of panicking, I trusted even more.

One day I sat down and wrote a concrete list with traits I wanted my dream apartment to be.
The following is the exact wording I wrote down in my little notebook that I kept with me:

In June I move to Cologne – and I love it! Thank you for having the opportunity to spend my summer in Cologne. I live in Cologne in June, July and August. That’s temporary. I’m so grateful I found this flat for me for the summer where I can stay. I trusted and this made it happen. It’s close to university and I can easily walk there. It’s affordable and I have this flat for my own. Thank you! Each time I wake up happily just because of the fact that it’s Cologne. I love having my own fridge and living so close to the city.

So as I said, these were the exact words I wrote down. I still get goose bumps when I read it.

Because all of this came true! 

Tips how to manifest

The importance is to believe what you’re saying and writing everything in the present tense as if you have already achieved it. Giving thanks in advance is the key to manifestation. You must trust that it is already  yours. Believe it and already feel it. Feel it as if there is no other way than achieving it.

How I manifested

I contacted several people via Facebook who had posted offers to sublet their apartments. All of the time I got rejections. It was already mid May and according to my “manifesting journal” I wanted to move in June. Time was short.
So one day I was sitting in a café in Cologne, preparing some stuff for university. I felt the sudden urge to check  Facebook. Much to my astonishment I got a private message from a guy who I contacted some weeks before concerning an apartment. Back then he had to reject me because there was a person that was interested in the apartment first. Now that guy wrote me because his potential subtenant wasn’t interested anymore.
And I was the next choice.

We made an appointment to see the apartment about one and a half hours later. Pretty spontaneous. But to my favor. The crazy thing was that the apartment was only located a two minutes walk from the café I was sitting in.

So I went to see the apartment, liked it right away and the conditions were perfect as well. Just as I wrote them down. To give you another overview, here are some features about the apartment:

  • it’s a one-room flat for my own (located in a “normal” building, not a typical student residence)
  • it’s very central and I only had a 7 minutes walk to my university (I had to cross a beautiful park and alley to get there)
  • it’s affordable and totally in my price range
  • it’s located near the city center (I could either walk or take the tram whose stop is only a two minute walk far away)
  • the flat was vacant from June 1st to August 31st

So of course I said yes and the same day I even signed papers for the contract.
I couldn’t be happier. This time I was again blown away by the power of the universe and the force of our thoughts and mind.

Köln Apartment Desk Manifestation

I had an epic summer in Cologne, met wonderful people, went to amazing events and spent hours and days outside in nature (because of this hot “summer of the century” where we had about 38°C in Germany!) But most of all I was so happy waking up and going to sleep in Cologne, in my beautiful apartment that I had manifested.
So thank you universe! It made me believe and trust even more.

What about you? Do you have a manifestation story? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


This year I was looking for another apartment for sublet for one month. I had a busy schedule in university and instead of commuting I wished for a flat between mid March and mid April. Actually April 10th would be perfect because this would be our last lecture in university. I trusted and took things as they come. One day I received a message from this guy in whose flat I stayed in last year. He said he would be going on vacation and if I was interested to move temporarily in his apartment. I was taken by complete surprise when he said the dates: mid March until April 10th.)

I couldn’t believe it. But it was true.
Miracles do exist. The law of attraction is real.


2 thoughts on “How I manifested my dream apartment (+tips)

  1. Sabrina, your story can inspire so many people! So I will use this chance so it can show others it works EVERY TIME. A month ago I actually used this method , and manifested a free sublet (yes free!!!) and my dream job pretty much at the same time. I needed to live alone for awhile but had no place to go to just with myself and think about my career and the next stage of life (I had just gotten my degree and was overwhelmed with deciding where my life is going and what kind of career I want).
    So I told the universe I want a free sublet (like house-sitting) that would last for 1 month and then whilst thinking what I want I realized it my be to ambitious of me to expect this opportunity to happen. So I decided to let it go and let the universe take care of it. I just said to myself – this is what I want, and it doesn’t matter how and it doesn’t matter that I could not figure out how the hell this is going to go – but I trusted the universe and decided I would let him take care of it. I knew I wanted a nice and clean place, in the center of Tel-Aviv, so I could keep looking for a job in the meantime and also enjoy the city life and bars all over the place 🙂
    Automatically this voice popped out in my head saying I am insane for thinking this could work – but this time I just told this voice to shut up and let me believe at list once – just in case. And if it doesn’t work – then it wouldn’t – but what if it does? So I kept quiet and moved on with my life.
    3 days later I got a call from my friends, the announced they are going on a 1-month trip to India and they need someone to water their plants – for free. Their apartment is right in the center of the city. I was shocked! I got this opportunity for free since they new I was unemployed. 3 days after moving there to start my sublet, I was hired to my dream job – and started to work immediately. Manifestation WORKS! everyone has voices in their head saying “you can’t” or “it’s not possible” – but once you believe, amazing stuff can happens and miracles!
    Thank u for sharing your story, and if you have any advice to help me manifest the apartment I will move into soon (once I find it :))

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    1. Hey Anat, thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m truly so happy to read it. What an amazing story. I just saw your comment now, so sorry for my late response.
      But you are so right. Manifestation works. And your example is truly amazing. It’s really so true that we have to shut down that inner voice in your head, all the critics that say “no”. We really have to believe that it’s going to work out somehow. “What if it does?” – just like you said it. Thank you for sharing your story. Your story can really inspire many people as well. I’d love to hear whether you found a new apartment or not. And I can totally relate to what you said concerning the time to think about what we really want in life. I also trust in the universe and I know I have his back. We’re there where we need to be and I know that the universe will show me which kind of career I want.
      I’m sending you all good energy and wishing you the best for 2020.
      I’d like to hear from you.
      Lots of love and light


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