Meus favoritos: April

April is over and I hope your month was good. Mine consisted half of studying and half of fun activities. It was the first month this year in which I didn’t travel. Actually it was my intention to make a journey every month even if it’s a small one. I kind of missed exploring but next month I will visit three different countries, so I can’t complain at all. Here are my highlights of this month.

Eating ice cream in Düsseldorf

Early April, me and two of my friends took a day trip to Düsseldorf. We prepared a salad, took some snacks along, grabbed a picknick blanket and at about 11 a.m. we were ready to go. The sun was shining and it was warm outside – perfect conditions. First of all we ate a big ice cream (kind of a second breakfast, haha) while sitting in the sun and looking at the Rhine. After a while we walked along the promenade and made our way to the “Rheinwiesen”, an area of lawn which is located right next to the river and the perfect place to relax. We ate our snacks, listened to music, talked and just looked at the sky (and sun). In these “small” moments you become aware of “life” and all you have to do is appreciate them.

My first concert ever

On 8th April, I was on my first concert ever. Me and a good friend watched the German singer Philipp Poisel in Cologne. The concert took place in the “Lanxess Arena”. About 18000 people fit in the hall so can you imagine how huge it is. The stage decoration was amazing and I will not forget the moment when people started to use their cellphone’s flashlight as a light and swung it back and forth in time of the music. What a wonderful night. I’m sure this isn’t the last concert I went to.

Day in Cologne

Spending some time with yourself is good. It’s amazing to be honest. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, and being lonely doesn’t mean you are alone. One day I had this urge to drive to Cologne and just having some me-time. And it was wonderful.  I felt freedom and could do whatever I wanted to. I started my day with a delicious coconut water and an almond pastry. I walked through neighborhoods I’ve never been to, admired the wonderful architecture, felt the sunshine on my face, found a great spot in the sun and took a lot of photos. After a while I went to my favorite café, ordered a coffee and an amazing fruit bowl and did some stuff for university. Afterwards I went shopping. This whole day was so amazing and I’m super grateful.


Coffee date

Inspired by a German blogger, I took notice of the wonderful café “Wndrfuel” in Cologne. Me and my friend had to study for an exam so why not in a cool location. Although the entrance is located on a main street, you’re not getting interrupted by noise etc. because the café is located right behind their cute inner yard. It’s definitely one of those “hip” coffee shops that remind of the ones in Berlin. The interior design is pretty cool, the food and drinks are delicious and you have your peace because most of the people are sitting there, studying with their laptops.


Talks on Instagram

I’m really thankful for Instagram. I truly am. You cannot only share parts of your life and getting inspired by others, you also find like-minded people. And that’s wonderful. You can exchange your thoughts and start conversations about deeper topics like “life” or spiritual things. I always get inspired by this platform. Special thanks to Kris (@kris_the_cat) and Laura (@laura.herde) . Your texts are amazing and I really admire you. Thank you for all of your advice as well.

How was your April? What were your favorite moments this month? Let me know in the comments!

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