Expressing gratitude is so important and so powerful at the same time. Often we take things for granted and do not appreciate small moments. But that’s wrong. We have to go with our eyes open through our day and be more aware of the things that happen around us. No matter which time you’re going through, there are always positive aspects which you have to see and notice.
A great exercise that you can do each morning and evening is to list three things (it can also be moments, persons, feelings etc.) that you’re grateful for. Preferably you do this exercise right after you opened your eyes and are still in your bed. Because at this time your mind is still clear and you can start your day without any negative influences. Do this exercise consequently for about a week and you will see changes. I promise. Your life will be more positive and more good comes back to you because you have emitted this positive energy. Once you have three things you’re grateful for, your list will expand automatically.

Another great way to express gratitude is writing in a gratitude journal. In contrast to a ‘normal’ diary, this journal only consists of moments you’re grateful for. Whenever there is something that made you laugh or a situation that filled you with joy, write it down. You’ll be surprised how many good moments you’re having. It may seem a little difficult at the beginning but after a while you become more sensitive for these moments. You can either carry your journal with you all the time or you can write those moments down every evening.
If you’re thinking that you don’t have any moments to be thankful for, here’s a little inspiration what I’m grateful for today:

  • waking up and being able to see (yes, even seeing is something to be grateful for. Not everyone has this possibility)
  • having a warm comfortable bed and not lying on a cold stony floor
  • having a whole day in front of me and being able to accomplish whatever I planned
  • being able to stretch my body and practicing yoga
  • feeling the sunshine on my face
  • listening to my favorite song
  • eating a super delicious bread with avocado for breakfast

As you see the list goes on and on. It’s really that easy. So start yours right now.

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.



3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I’m with you. Gratitude lights our way forward. And it is the small things that some people often take for granted that amount to many moments of thanks. When I get up in the morning, I place my feet on the floor [ground], rub them there back and forth, and say Thank You 3 times. I’m alive. I have the power to choose how I will spend my day, I have the ability to smile through it, or use more muscles [boo] to frown through it. I can breathe. I am grateful for all the tools I need to be my highest and best. What a wonderful feeling!!!

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