Thoughts on a plane


A long-haul flight is an adventure itself. It’s like having a shower, only that it lasts ten hours, not ten minutes: You have time to think about life, about yourself and come up with the craziest ideas. At least that’s how I feel.
Every time I fly, I’m so inspired by just looking out of the window. Seeing the earth from above always gives me chills and pure happiness. I always think about so many topics and I always want to write down all my ideas. I’ve never had a laptop with me though and it was too much to write it all by hand. This time it’s different. This time I took a laptop with me and I have enough time to write down everything that comes to my mind. At the moment I’m sitting here in my window seat, 10668 m above the earth, somewhere over the Baffin Bay, on my way from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. With my laptop on my knees and an orange juice in my hand, I’m writing all these words down. I really feel like a travel blogger now, or a digital nomad.


So these are my thoughts:

You are small.


Everyone of us is. And so are our problems. Well most of them. We sometimes think we are the biggest, the strongest, the most influential, the most important ones. But actually we are small. We are tiny compared to the sky. There are millions of people, billions of people. Everyone has their own story, their own environment and calls something different their center of living. From a higher perspective you will see that most of our problems aren’t even worth to mention. The Earth is huge, the sky is huge, the universe is huge. It’s even so huge our mind won’t comprehend. And there is so little we know. We actually are small, partly naive minds that have to discover and explore so much more.

Humans love nature.


It has ever been that way and it will ever be that way. Sometimes we only forget it (and destroy it this way). Nature astonishes us, amazes us and fascinates us. It is beautiful by just the way it is.
A few minutes ago, a couple a few rows behind my seat was pulling up the shutters, talked to a flight attendant and together they watched out of the window. It was quite a noisy situation and other passengers were getting attentive. So did I. Then we all pulled up our shutters and we saw nature at its best. Large lakes, many ice floes, little islands and mountains. Really beautiful. We all whipped out our phones and took pictures. After a few photos most of the people let down their shutters again but I kept admiring the beauty. I could watch it for hours. I again realized that nature is more beautiful than anything a human could ever build. So please take care of Mother Nature.

The sun is always shining.


This is actually one of my biggest and favorite perceptions. The sun is always shining. No matter if it’s cloudy, raining or if you don’t see the sun directly. It’s always there. I think this is also one of my main reasons why I love being up in the sky: the sun is always shining. You can take off with thunderstorms or heavy clouds. It doesn’t take long until you see the blue sky. All of the worries down there seem to be forgotten. This could also be seen metaphorically. It’s important to always have some sunshine in your heart. No matter how hard your day was or with what problems you struggle with at the moment. See your problems as clouds. They might be there. You might think that no sunshine – no happy moments – can get through. But that’s wrong. It’s just a matter of opinion. Maybe you have to distance yourself from your problems to get a clearer vision. See it from another perspective or change your location. Because again the comparison: It’s not always cloudy. It’s possible that only 20 km from here, people are getting sunburned while you have to carry an umbrella.
(And it you don’t want to move or change location, then learn how to dance in the rain!)

What do you think about these topics? Do you share my opinion? Do you also get creative ideas and thoughts when being in a plane? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.




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