“And the Oscar goes to…” (My preparation for the Oscars 2019)


Today is the big day for all movie lovers (and of course film makers and actors): the Oscars 2019. For months I’ve been looking forward to this day – actually since I’ve watched A Star is Born in October last year. From the moment I watched the film I thought it would be nominated for an Oscar (now it’s even nominated for 8 oscars!). Let’s see what tonight will bring. I’m crossing my fingers that Lady Gaga will win an Oscar and of course also the other contributors of this movie. They deserve it so much. I’m also very exciting for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performing shallow at the Oscars tonight. I can already feel it will be a magical night!


If you can dream it, you can do it

It will be 2 a.m. here in Germany when the broadcast will start but I’ve already made a plan how I can compensate for my sleep. (I’m trying to sleep a few hours before and after the event. Let’s see how this will work). Preferably I would be Los Angeles on site, directly in Hollywood where the event takes place, but it’s not (yet) possible. If I told somebody a few years ago that I would want to attend the Oscar Awards, they probably would say “Keep dreaming” and I would believe it. But now I changed my mindset and I know that anything is possible. Everything I can imagine is real. So if I hold my vision long enough, I know it’s definitely possible to be a part of the event some day. Maybe not as an actress, but maybe as a companion, a journalist, a photographer or an invited guest… let’s see.

Hollywood Sign

Preparations for tonight

Until my dream turns into reality, I prepare myself mentally and at home for this wonderful event tonight. I already prepared some snacks and drinks.
Watching some old travel photos of me in Hollywood makes me wanna go back so bad.
The first time I was in Los Angeles was in 2015, right after I finished High School. I went there on a road trip with my dad and for me it was a dream come true: standing in front of the Hollywood Sign, walking along the Walk of Fame, standing in front of the Dolby Theatre… thinking of all these moments, make my heart jump a little faster…


In 2014 I made a city trip to London and went to Madame Tussauds for the very first time. I bought a Hollywood mug which I haven’t used since then… So I guess today is the perfect day for it.


I am not only excited about who will win an Oscar, I’m also looking forward to see what Lady Gaga will be wearing… I can feel she will have a beautiful dress. Let’s see.
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Also, you can check out my Instagram @sabrinawoop to see in my stories how I’m watching the Oscars.

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