Letting go – what it means and tips on how to let go


Letting go is a topic that is present for all of us. I wrote some blog posts and Instagram posts about it to deal with this topic better but I guess it’s still not ticked-off. Learning to let go is a process and can be transferred to many areas in our life. It’s not a point on our to-do list that can be ticked-off once. There will be situations and moments in our life that always require the skill of letting go.

Flowing energy vs. blocked energy

When we don’t let go, energy is blocked. Blocked energy is contrary to flowing energy and I guess you intuitively feel which kind of energy is better, right?
Not letting go means our mind is too attached to something. Our ego is the part that acts, not our true being, the formless self. Letting go mainly refers to the past. We often cling to people, situations or moments because they made us FEEL something. We want this feeling back or relive it again. On the other hand we can’t let go because there are still unfulfilled dreams or hopes that we wish to come true in the future. So you see: letting go means living in the past or future but not in the present. And that’s what we should do: living in the present.

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Clinging to other people

In the end, life is about human connections. That’s why I think letting go is a topic that mostly comes across in relation to other people. Often we cling to other people, no matter which relation we have to them. Maybe you can identify with one or more of the situations below:


Having a crush is nice and heartwarming but it can be disappointing to see if nothing seems to develop for the good. We can’t force other people to like us. Either our crush is interested in us or not. Forcing situations to meet and get to know each other is like blocking energy. It’s not natural. Moreover it’s common that a crush is a person we “kind of” know but not very deeply. So basically we don’t know them at their core. We look at them superficially and think they have such and such traits but in the end we don’t know. Mentally we’re building our mister/misses perfect without knowing how this person really is. We stick to this mental picture, fall in love with this illusion and cling too much to it.


I guess it can be pretty hard to let go of ex-partners, especially if the relationship was very long or maybe even a marriage. Sharing a huge part of your life with someone and then deciding to go separate ways may not be easy. Maybe you know this by yourself and you want to be back together with your partner even though you know it wouldn’t be good for you. Having shared so many memories makes it difficult to let go. But the thing is letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. That’s something people mix up. Letting go emotionally means to cherish the beautiful moments but accept the change that is happening now. Don’t forget the beautiful times and don’t have a hateful heart.


It’s normal that not every friend accompanies us throughout our entire life. Some friendships last longer, some shorter. But one thing is for sure: Each of them had a special meaning and lesson. I guess we all once had a best friend in our life but just as life evolves, we develop ourselves too and sometimes paths separate. Instead of wanting this friendship back, look back to it with good memories and be content for everything that happened. Be grateful for the time you spent together and be excited which people you will attract in our life.

Letting go doesn’t always mean letting go of people. It can also be transferred to other areas of life. Maybe you want to let go of events that happened in the past, for example the death of a pet, a disease you’ve been through, the house you had to move out of, a bad thing you said or done.
But do you see? All things you want to let go of are connected to feelings.

But what does it mean to let go?

Letting go is a process and a practice that has to be done constantly. It’s not a single activity that you do and you’re finished after ten minutes. Letting go can be practiced in different forms. It means to live in the present moment and release any stress and negativity. I often call it “positive letting go”. As I mentioned above it doesn’t mean forgetting. It depends on which aspect you want to let go of. In some cases it’s better to finish it completely because this chapter of your life is done. In other cases you can still remain hope that things turn out great.
To be more concrete: After a divorce it’s better for both persons to tick this chapter off, cherish the good memories and stop wishing to get back together. However if you want to get to know your crush better, you can still keep hope that the universe creates opportunities where you can get to know him/her better. The key here is to trust that you are always on the right path just like motto: what flows, flows, what crashes, crashes. Don’t force things but let go and trust that you are always where you need to be.

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How to let go?

Now that you’ve heard a lot about the theoretical backgrounds of letting go you probably ask yourself HOW can I let go and WHAT exactly do I have to do? You’ll probably guess right that there is no single solution. Here are some tools that I’ve used and helped me. I hope to inspire you as well.


Meditation can wear many hats. It can be sitting in stillness and calming down your mind (I love this kind of meditation) or listening to a guided meditation but also dancing or mindful cooking can be meditating. Do what feels good.


Writing can do wonders. Writing is therapeutic and fun. Just like meditating, there are also no rules when it comes to writing. Take out a blank sheet of paper and a pen and let the words come out by itself. Write what first comes to your mind. There is no right or wrong. Maybe you want to write a kind of diary and write down what happened in your life. Maybe you want to visualize and write down your dream life. Or you’re so creative and want to write a poet. Or just single words. Everything is okay.


Music is healing. Just like everyone else in this world, music is energy and has a frequency. Music is a great tool when it comes to letting go. You can either turn on your favorite song and sing along or discover new songs and dance intuitively in the rhythm of your heart. You can also listen to music with certain frequencies, for example 432 hz for positivity). If you have an instrument at home you can also (learn to) play it, no matter if it’s “good” or not. Fun should be in the first place.

I tried my best to get you a deeper understanding of what letting go means. I hope that these tips helped you to let go of what you’re currently dealing with. Remember that letting go should be a positive practice and only guides you to the place where you belong. All is good and you are where you need to be.

I’m sending you lots of love and light


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