“And the Oscar goes to…” (My preparation for the Oscars 2019)


Today is the big day for all movie lovers (and of course film makers and actors): the Oscars 2019. For months I’ve been looking forward to this day – actually since I’ve watched A Star is Born in October last year. From the moment I watched the film I thought it would be nominated for […]

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5 “A Star Is Born” quotes that make you think about life


In my opinion, ‘A Star Is Born” is  one of the best movies of all time. For now, I’ve seen it already three times and I just can’t get enough of it. It flashes me every time. The story, the music, the quotes, the cast… everything is just so perfect. I’ve never been a Lady Gaga […]

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Meus favoritos: October

Today is not only Halloweeen but also the last day of October. This means: The days get shorter and darker. And it’ll be colder. By now, almost all trees have changed their leaves to a beautiful orange and it won’t take that long until they’ll lose them all. Very soon it will be time for […]

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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Locations in Amsterdam

Of which movie do you think of when you’re visiting Amsterdam? Right, The Fault in Our Stars. Some of the most memorable scenes were shot in this city and I think every fan has to see some of the spots when they are in Amsterdam. When I had the chance to go there last weekend, […]

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Meus favoritos: July

Today is the first day of August which means, I’m one day late to show you my monthly favorites. This month’s all about food, book, movie, moment and trip. Click “continue reading” to see more. Heute ist der erste August und das bedeutet, ich bin einen Tag zu spät für “meus favoritos”. Diesmal geht es […]

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Meus favoritos: June

It’s the end of June which means it’s time to show you meus favoritos de junho, my monthly favorites. This month passed so quickly and I can’t believe it’s the first of July tomorrow. Maybe it’s because of

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